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    I went to see my cardiologist today as a follow-up because I had an Angiogram (heart cath) last Friday. Apparently I do have an arterial blockage, but it's in a small, distal artery that doesn't require a stint or anything.

    He tells me I no longer need to follow up with him, and just to continue letting my family/diabetes doctor monitor me for changes/warning signs, but tells me as long as I continue to follow my diet, and exercise, etc, I 'should probably be fine'. So, yay. Some good news.

    Oh and someone from the TEC community suggested 'The Veganomicon' cookbook. I had it marked in my wishlist on Amazon and a friend actually got it for me as a birthday gift. So to whoever suggested that to me, thank you.

    Originally posted by celticdark View Post
    Tale, do you eat and/or like fresh onion and garlic? If you do eat more of it (its an old timers trick for sugar control) it might make your breath a little more smelly but, if it helps yeah?
    Yes, I do eat & enjoy both onions and garlic. I use both in several of my new 'healthy food' recipes.
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      This is good news, keep positive and keep going forward
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        Glad to see you're doing better. Better to come back to the community to this than the first posts of this thread.
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