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    A few of you might remember me from years ago. I played Kampfer, Libes, Saprinus, Merellana, and a few others over the years. Just got the random urge to post a quick update to those that I used to communicate with in and out of game.

    Life has thrown some curve balls, but I'm still kicking. Moved from Tennessee to Pennsylvania and enjoying life when able. I have some struggles with mental illness, but I have a good supportive woman by my side.

    For those of you that knew me well out of game, yes, I said woman by my side. At the ripe young age of 28, I will soon be starting T-blockers and hormone therapy to begin transitioning.

    Someday, maybe I will log Libes or Saprinus in, but for now, I'm just not in a mentally stable enough spot to roleplay properly. Not to mention, I already have very little spare time. Working my arse off in the rat race most of us "enjoy".

    Hope all is well in everyone's lives, and I do hope one day to be able to chat with some of you again out of game.

    Please do not feel jilted if I forget your name here, but I certainly would loooove to hear from the players of Kyi, Melina, and Natara. Hoping to have the time to check back in on a more regular basis.

    Having browsed the threads for a bit, I see Kyi and Melina are still active on the forums, so I'm glad to know that means you must be doing alright. Haven't been in contact with Natara's player in a couple of years. If anyone has contact with her, ask her to drop me a line please.

    And to all those I didn't mention, you all, individually, shaped my wonderful memories of this place. Even through all the headache and grind-sessions, I look back fondly on it all. Everything from Libes's nose scar from Thryn's blade to Lexi's crazy whipper's interaction with one of my characters roughly 7 or 8 years ago or more. I have a phenomenal memory IRL (see what I did there?), and I cherish a lot of interactions shared with you people over the years.
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    I was asking about you just the other day. I use to play Yuai glad to see ur still kickin


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      PM sent.


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        Still alive, still missing you!! Hope to talk to you soon! !


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          Wonderful to hear from you! Keep safe and make that woman happy!

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            I don't know you, or anything about you, so I'm a little confused by the 'yes I said woman' comment and transitioning thing.. BUT.
            That doesn't mean I'm not happy for you!

            Support is an excellent thing to have in life.

            Also, Welcome back.


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              It's good to hear from you. Been an age. Hope you stay well, and that getting things sorted provides clarity and serenity.

              Originally posted by VinianQuartz
              HAIL CULEXUS


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                Wonderful to have news from you.
                You are still missed.

                See you around soon!

                PS: Libes is still missed.
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                  Hmm.. Wow. The last time I checked in was 4 years ago. Cool.

                  I've thought of this place often since then. Wow. All of us grew up and life happened. This community was a part of my life for so long, and still enters my thoughts weekly, all these years later. I guess some people spend their teens and early 20s getting up to destructive things, but I was buried in immersive roleplay with arguably some of the coolest nerds ever. <3

                  Coming back to check the forums reminded me of so much more. I forgot my old username was "newbieguy". I guess now it would need to be "newbiegirl", based on what I said in my last check in. 4 years later, and here I am all transitioned, living my best life, got all of my demons sorted out, and adulting like I know what I'm doing in the world. I wanted to thank all of you that were such positive influences on me back when I played and when I came back to post this thread in 2015. Since posting this thread, I got sober from narcotics, went to therapy, transitioned successfully, and found my own corner of happiness. Each time something major came up, I always thought back to this community. I often thought about coming back to dive so deep into RP again that the world couldn't bother me, like I did before. Each time a major event happened in the world near where one of my old TEC friends lived back in the day, I found myself thinking, "Damn... I hope they are okay. I wish I could reach out."

                  I used TEC as an escape off and on for almost 10 years. You guys helped me stay alive through some of the hardest parts of my life without most of you ever knowing what was going on. You just showed up, participated in cool community RP, and didn't care how weird or different we each were... This was my safe place for so long. Thank you all.

                  ~Cassie (rl name)

                  -Libes the snobby tailor
                  -Saprinus the "hot shot" self-absorbed dumbass
                  <Ioulinus thinks aloud: Need help. East of the Toga.>
                  <Mausx thinks aloud: Thought you are a hero?>

                  SirLocke says to you, "Its not gay if its in a three-way."

                  Miri_arielle says to you, "I swing both ways"


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                    Perfect time to jump back in as the stories are always new and growing
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                      Glad to hear that you're in a much better place now, Cassie. I'm really happy that everything has worked out for you.


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                        Do eeeet!
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