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Eagle Century Recruitment, YR 275

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  • Eagle Century Recruitment, YR 275

    Attention all bold, courageous souls! You are needed to preserve the glorious Republic of Iridine, and we call upon you to put forward your name now!

    The Rearing Stallion Cohorts First Century, Eagle, is now accepting applications for the upcoming recruit class of Year 275. Combat knowledge with a gladius, knife, spear, one-handed axe, or bow is required.

    Recruits will be required to learn military drills, law enforcement, and doctrine. All recruits will be expected to display proper discipline as well as demonstrate the ability to show growth in their weapon of choice.

    Recruitment will be challenging and difficult. Be prepared to sweat and bleed as you learn how to better serve and protect the great Republic of Iridine. There is no better time to step forward, as this will be a recruitment which should not be missed by those interested.

    In addition, the Century's Medic Reserve is looking to increase their number. If you have skills in the healing arts, and wish to be an integral piece to the success of our Republics defense your application is welcome.

    Contact Centurion Viker Valos, Decurion Elowynn Damhain, or Optio Aurik Valens for an interview. Questions or concerns regarding the recruitment or life within the Legio can be directed towards any active-duty Legionary.

    Cowards and sluggards need not apply.
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    Applications can be submitted to Centurion Viker Valos, Decurion Elowynn Damhain, Optio Aurik Valens as well as any active Legionary in person, or submitted through one of the Message Offices.

    Application needs to include -

    Your full name
    Parents' Names
    Criminal Record
    Where Your Belongings Will go in Event of your Death
    Why you Want to Join the Legio
    Skills Possessed
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      Kept applications open for a bit due to vacations and all.

      Back on track and looking to wrap up and start the next class. Applications for recruitment will no longer be taken after Friday, the 17th. For anyone interested, get in contact with a Legionary IG to drop off your application, or send mail to one of the officers.
      Hey, remember me!?!