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Coming Soon to an Arena Near You: Gladiator Games

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  • House Vespatian
    On behalf of House Vespatian, I'd like to clear something up. Everyone, including House members are free to participate in these events.

    It seems there's been some... rumors stating otherwise, but this is certainly not the case!

    Sir Vespatian himself may not be able to make an appearance at the games (due to IRL responsibilities ), however we all hope to see many House Vespatian friends and family there!

    Celebrate the Festival!

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  • Coming Soon to an Arena Near You: Gladiator Games

    House Illandria will be hosting a set of games for the upcoming festival. Full details will be available soon through the events listing (@event) but I wanted to give people early notice so they can start planning if they would like to attend.

    They will be held next Thursday, July 2nd to fall during the Festival. Time is TBD. Prizes will be presented.

    There will also be events held on Wednesday evening to kick off the celebration. Please keep your eye out for notices and announcements. You may also find any of Saliea's staff IG to ask questions.

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