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Diamond Eye Blind Auction.

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  • Diamond Eye Blind Auction.

    The Diamond Eye presents it's upcoming event, The Blind Auction.

    Explain you say? Of course!
    All items in the blind auction will be placed in the first cabinet in The Diamond Eye shop for everyone to view leading up to the auction. This is your way to get a look at the stock being auctioned off, as on the day each item will be auctioned off mysteriously in a container! You won't actually know what you get until you withdraw it from the bank.

    Hints will be available on the day of the auction, including refreshments.

    This is a different sort of auction, and if you don't like the idea, that's completely fine, but a lot of people love the ideal of mystery and the likes of betting odds, if that sounds like you, we would love to see you there!

    The auction date will be announced down the road, anyone wishing to submit items for the auction please see Skye or Vinian. Due to the nature of the auction, no minimums will be guaranteed.
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