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The Eternal City moves to Skotos!

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  • The Eternal City moves to Skotos!

    To the community of The Eternal City:

    Many of you have asked that Worlds Apart continue to maintain TEC on an ongoing basis, regardless of our plans for or the development of The Eternal City: Ereal Rising (TEC3D). In order to contemplate doing this, it was necessary to change TEC to a subscription-supported game. We evaluated a number of these types of options and had several good offers for homes for TEC. In the end, we decided that the best alternative, both for the game and the community, was to form a partnership with Skotos Tech, Inc. ( Skotos is a pay-to-play text-game community with a high emphasis on quality customer service and quality role-playing environments. We believe that TEC will thrive and improve at Skotos and will continue to be the best and most innovative text-based role-playing game on the Internet.

    TEC will be moving to Skotos tomorrow, June 1. Each TEC player will have a free trial month in which to try Skotos out in general and to see how TEC is progressing at its new home. After the trial period, a subscription to Skotos will cost $9.95 per month. Keep an eye out on tomorrow for information and details concerning the move.

    Aside from the fact that TEC-Text will now be around as long as it is economically viable, there are a number of other significant benefits that arise from the move to Skotos for TEC and the TEC community:

    Printed TEC Players Guide
    Skotos will be creating and printing a softcover TEC Player’s Guide (full of new TEC artwork) to assist new players and provide plenty of gameworld tidbits and information to old vets.

    Web-based forums
    Skotos will be setting up web-based versions of all of TEC’s forums. These should be much easier to use than the current TEC forum system.

    Better customer service
    Worlds Apart and Skotos are jointly establishing customer service standards and response times for TEC bug fixes, requests and support email. Also, the TEC GM staff will provide better coverage for proclaims and for a new “assist” command that will be implemented..

    Access to other Skotos games
    Skotos has one subscription rate for access to all of its current line of products. It currently features the role-playing intensive Castle Marrach, as well as the competitive Galactic Emperor: Succession. More games are in the works.

    Consistent TEC development
    As part of our partnership with Skotos, Worlds Apart has committed to ongoing and consistent improvement and development of a number of new game systems and skill sets. TEC will launch on Skotos with a new character generator that includes a new Traits and Flaws System, as well as an improved version of our Virtual Wilderness System.

    Better quality TEC
    Skotos is dedicating manpower from its Quality Assurance staff toward helping Worlds Apart make TEC easier to use and bug free.

    Better performance
    The hardware for TEC will see a significant upgrade and it will be on better connection than it has in awhile.

    New clients
    Skotos and Worlds Apart will work on a new version of the TEC java client, making it faster, as well as resolving platform-related issues, such as poor performance with Macs. We’ll also be working jointly on integrating Skotos’ ActiveX? client into TEC, which will feature beautifully rendered auto-map functionality as well as other cool new features..

    Reservation of TEC characters
    You will be able to use your TEC character names in any TEC product Worlds Apart may create. We also plan to offer longevity-based bonuses and incentives for active Skotos subscribers for TEC3D if and when it comes out.

    To those of you who appreciate and enjoy the work that has gone into TEC over the years, and the quality environment we’ve all created, we hope that you will continue to support TEC and Worlds Apart by joining us in our move to the Skotos community.

    -- Scott Martins and The Eternal City GM Staff