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Frequently Answered Staff Questions

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  • Frequently Answered Staff Questions

    Placing this here as a place we, the staff, can answer commonly-asked or requested topics.
    GM Scolve

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    • Can hooded cloaks be changed to hide <gender|body type|name in thoughts>. Per Sceadu, no.
    • If I want to be a Storyguide or GM, what do I do? Use the @staff-app command IG to fill out an application. While we aren't currently pursuing new staff, these will be reviewed whenever that changes.
    • How often does the stock at <Belhrad's|Parissa's|Miroslav|Tibbeth|Aeriaus> refresh? Every 10 minutes, there is a chance that the stock will change. Not every time will every store change, and there are times that no stock changes, or the shopkeep changes the order of stock in the case. In addition, I will manually clear out all of the stores' stocks whenever Sharonpa's box queue is getting low, generating entirely new stock across all of the stores.
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    GM Scolve



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