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    Hi Folks,
    Coma Ward Attendants will now accept donations of the Cult of Ereal's spell stones. Your donations will be acknowledged via reputation with the Cult.

    You take a faceted golden crystal.
    offer crystal to ellyndel
    You offer a faceted golden crystal to Ellyndel.
    Ellyndel accepts a faceted golden crystal from you.
    Ellyndel says to you, "The Cult of Ereal values your contribution."
    In addition, any active members of the Cult may request to retrieve any of these stones from the ward attendants.

    say to ellyndel Retrieve garnet
    You say to Ellyndel, "Retrieve garnet."
    Ellyndel quickly hands a tiny deep red crystal-like stone to Scolve.
    If the attendant does not currently have any of the stone you ask for stored, they will let you know:

    You say to Ellyndel, "Retrieve a garnet."
    Ellyndel says, "I'm sorry, I don't seem to have any right now."
    Each ward attendant has their own stock of stones, separate from the others.

    Reputation gained will vary based on the type of stone and location. For example, the further you are from Monlon, the more a Sun Stone will be worth.

    Reputation spend options are not yet available but will be coming shortly.

    And, finally for now, since I know everyone LOVES leaderboards, the Cult publishes a list of the number of individual stones donated, located one step east and then north of the main chamber in the Temple of the Morning Light.

    As always, @report any problems.
    GM Scolve

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    Each of the attendants now has a board in their room that shows their current stock of stones:
    =[Available Stones]================================================== =========
    Amber 0
    Garnet 0
    Topaz 0
    Sardonyx 0
    Quartz 0
    Sun Stone 0
    Coral 0
    ================================================== ============================
    GM Scolve


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      Camora, who sells wedding supplies, and Letum, who sells funerary supplies, are now available for spending Cult reputation.

      Both of these vendors only charge reputation for their goods, though the items that cost a significant amount to create will cost a significant amount of reputation.

      Letum considers you for a moment, and gestures behind the counter at select extra stock items it
      seems are not for sale to just anyone.
      =[Extra Stock]================================================== ==============
      A simple clay urn nothing
      A simple clay mask nothing
      A simple wooden mask nothing
      A salt cake nothing
      A tall ceremonial candle flecked with gold nothing
      A glazed ceramic urn nothing
      A polished bronze urn nothing
      A carved granite urn nothing
      A white marble urn nothing
      A polished silver urn nothing
      An ornate gold urn nothing
      An etching stylus nothing
      A bronze censer nothing
      A bit of cherry incense nothing
      A bit of jasmine incense nothing
      A bit of perfumed incense nothing
      A bit of rose incense nothing
      ================================================== ============================
      Camora considers you for a moment, and gestures behind the counter at select extra stock items it
      seems are not for sale to just anyone.
      =[Extra Stock]================================================== ==============
      A simple wedding toga nothing
      A simple wedding stola nothing
      Some wedding sandals nothing
      A honey oat cake nothing
      A bottle of ceremonial wine nothing
      A thin plate nothing
      A whole baked stuffed fish decorated with toasted bread scal nothing
      A small bowl of marinated black olives nothing
      A loaf of cheesy bread nothing
      A basket of assorted flowers nothing
      A delicate porcelain pot painted with rosebuds nothing
      ================================================== ============================
      Both vendors are near to the Temple of the Morning Light. From the mark point outside, Letum is n 1 e 1. Camora is n 2 e 1
      GM Scolve


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        With the rousing success of the stone donation program, the sun stones, in particular, have found their way out and about amongst members of the Cult. Sun Stones that are procured from NPCs have a chance of being already marked as previously donated and therefore not providing reputation gains. The coma ward attendants will NOT give any visible notification of this, but you will be notified when one of the stones provided is marked as such. Thieves will not be outed by this.
        GM Scolve


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          You may now be offered the ability to spend some reputation with the Cult to significantly reduce the price of a new Cadae.

          Choosing to pay full price when you do not have to will provide a small bonus to your Cult reputation.
          GM Scolve