In an attempt to be fair and understanding to our players, we have not policed or strictly enforced the use of unofficial clients which have become more prevalent as of late. While we may not strictly police this, this does not mean we have to provide any kind of support for these clients. In the past these clients have been a great source of lag since many times they do not connect/disconnect from the server properly. These clients are also the go-to choice for scripters. While we eased up on the “no tolerance” policy of scripting, we have never allowed AFK scripting at all. While logged into the game you must be at your keyboard at ALL times and be prepared to react to actions within.

In the spirit of transparency, we are now announcing that if you are caught AFK scripting within the game you will be restricted to one of two clients (Orchil/Alice) in addition to disciplinary actions listed in the current policy. This will be at the discretion of the Admin and no other staff member may add or remove from this list. This will also not be a point of discussion or negotiation once added to this list.