Recent requests and feedback submissions have mentioned that some of the crowd and room echoes could use a little freshening up.

Enter your opportunity to earn a few RPs! If you have ideas for new echoes for:
  • Shop crowds
  • City street crowds
  • Outdoor areas (grasslands, various wood locations, gardens, etc.)
  • Milestone locations (fountains, drover stand, etc.)
  • Profession locations (hospice, locksmithing shops, tailoring shops, etc.)
You will receive 10 RPs for each echo you submit that is accepted and implemented.

Please submit your echo suggestions in the following manner: @request -> Suggestion -> Title: Room Echo Suggestions from YourAccountNameHere

Also, if you could combine multiple ideas into a single ticket, that'd be swell.

Echo submissions should include the full echo description. As an example, "You watch as two birds wrestle for control of a discarded bit of bread." or "You notice a smiling couple examining a collection of rings, their fingers intertwined as they huddle together excitedly."