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  • Staff Notes & Staffing Update

    Hey folks -

    Popping in with an update on our yearly goals, where we're headed, and what the team would like you to be aware of.
    • I'd like to confirm the speculation that we do, indeed, have a 'newish' GM on staff. They've been with us for a bit now and have settled in nicely. So if you find yourself interacting with them, please say hello!
    • I also wanted to confirm that over the past couple of months, I've been working with Sceadu as he's transferred his leadership role to me. Now that the transfer is official, I wanted to take time to publicly thank Sceadu for his dedication to TEC. He's devoted a lot of personal time and effort to make sure the game we all love has been able to continue, even through the thinner years. I also really appreciate the mentorship and friendship he's provided during my time on staff.
    • We have a fair amount of new content to be released over the next few weeks. As much as possible will be posted with advance notice on Events, but some of it will also be surprise or spontaneous events. So keep an eye on event postings, and listen for IG happenings. And if you're very observant IG, there are a couple of clues that have already been laid.
    • We appreciate the traits feedback. Our next step is to provide a list of traits, including the updates to old ones and the new ones we're suggesting, so you can have time to provide feedback on those.
    I'm excited for all the things we currently have in the pipeline, and there's truly something for everyone - non-coms, combatants, event-lovers, solo-players, everyone. If you have wished for more gameworld to explore, more places to hunt, more ways for newcomers to earn money, more things to spend that money on, and MUCH more - you may see those wishes granted soon.