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  • Recent Down Time Update

    Last night we were able to successfully postpone the backup feature that was causing the game to simply grind to a halt. Since then, the staff has been spending 100% of their free time in working to alleviate the issues that may be causing the backup to stress the system.

    When we're comfortable that the stressor has been located and corrected, we'll test backups again. Once we've done that, we will look to offer a pool of both GSP and RPs as compensation for the down time. This will not happen until the beginning of next week minimum, after we are sure that the fix is in place.

    We'll continue to keep you updated as we have anything to share. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

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    After spending a number of hours researching potential causes, a few issues were identified that needed to be addressed. Following that, we ran a special backup to test our fixes, and the game seems to have responded nicely. The lag also seems to now be minimal if not downright negligible.

    We're going to continue to monitor the backups and the results for the next couple of days to ensure this was a solid fix. If that's the case, I'll be posting again early in the week to make a final update, and provide info on down time compensation.

    Thanks so much for hanging with us while we nailed down the issues.


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      The fixes that were completed seem to have solved the problem. We've also now ran backups a few more times without issue, and the lag appears to be virtually gone.

      We very much appreciate you hanging in there with us while we got to the bottom of it.

      For downtime compensation, everyone is receiving 50 GSP and we are doubling RP gain for the remainder of the month. As an extra, please keep an eye out in the next few weeks, as we'll also be holding a GM-run auction as well as a separate auction/opportunity for someone (or someones) to purchase a special IG dwelling (much like the cabin in the woods last year, though not a cabin).

      Have fun in there!



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