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  • 2020 Outlook & Plans

    I'm happy to share with you an outline of the team's major goals for 2020.

    I want to apologize for being light on communication during the last part of 2019. Since a bit before Thanksgiving, I found myself unexpectedly without much availability. Fortunately, my schedule has now normalized, and I'm excited to share this outlook.

    2020 TEC Outlook:
    • Basic & premium account updates, with new perks
    • Traits and national lores finalized & released.
    • @retire finalized & released. (@retire would be similar to an @chop, however it would let you go gentle into that good night without needing to actually die)
    • Non-Coms:
      • Release at least one new non-com/crafting skill set. Currently looking at both some of the "usual suspects" (leatherworking, herbalism, cooking, etc.) as well as some unique options you've likely not thought of
      • Add additional NPC jobs for non-coms.
      • Add additional reputation earning opportunities for non-coms, and new opportunities to spend that rep.
    • Combat:
      • Complete an overview of each skill set, looking for opportunities to grow them where possible.
      • New mob types.
      • New hunting grounds.
      • Refurb of existing hunting grounds.
    • Opening up applications for SGLite
    • Renew the Auxilii program
    • Rejuvenate the patrician program
    • Update & refresh orgs
    • Items:
      • New gear types.
      • New housing types & opportunities.
    • Storytelling:
      • Major story arc to span a number of months.
      • Expansion of lores around religions.
      • Introduction of new cultures, and all that brings (new items/gear/lore/language/etc.)
    I cannot say we'll achieve these in 2020, but here are a couple of other areas where I'm having happy dreams:
    • A gladiator skill set or "style" to compliment other skill sets, for those who want to roll a more "pure" gladiator character
    • Additional pet types.

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