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  • New Command - @retire

    Hi folks!

    The much-requested @retire command is now available for use. Here are a few things you need to know:

    Technical aspects of @retire:

    -- @retire is not retroactive, nor can it be undone. Once you make the choice to retire your character, they will be irretrievable.
    -- @retire is limited to one use per account, per year.
    -- @retire will award a VC package of "base - 1", which means the max cap for an @retire VC package is a level 9.
    -- @retire does not replace @chop, which is still an option for those who would like to utilize it.
    -- @chop, as compensation for the willingness to forward a GM's story when needed, will still be eligible for a level 10 VC, where appropriate.

    RP aspects of @retire:

    -- @retire provides you the opportunity to give a final emote before your character "leaves", so if you'd like to "wave a fond farewell you may do so. Simply type in whatever would normally follow the : in your emote.
    -- @retire gives you the option of either leaving or not leaving a corpse, depending on how you choose to end your story. This will present as a y/n prompt.

    A reminder that any abuse can result in this being restricted from your account.

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