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  • New Traits Now Available

    Hi folks -

    As was teased yesterday, trait release day is here. Cue fireworks watched from an appropriate social distance.

    Staff, and Senses specifically, have all put a lot of effort into not only testing and coding the traits, but also the delivery method which I think you will find very useful (see below).

    Things of note:
    • Once you make your new trait selections, it cannot be undone. Unless a meteor hits your house (pics or it didn't happen) and you need to flee to your home in the middle of trait selection, we won't be resetting your selections.
    • However, if you encounter a true bug, please ring the bell, submit an @report, etc. Staff will be on hand as much as possible over the next couple of days to assist with anything that you all manage to break.
    • Accounts created AFTER the new traits options have been turned on, are not eligible for the free re-roll, as they will already be selecting from the new menu.
    • After your single-use FREE trait selection, you will still have the ability to "re-trait" for the cost of 5,000 RPs.
    • The command to enter the pretty new traits menu is @traits Please be sure you are reading carefully and making your selections accordingly, as there will be no "oopsie" redos.

    • There are now 22 NEW traits, 29 NEW national lores, and nearly all of the original neutral traits have been buffed for balance.
    • Obsolete traits like Citizen, Lucky, etc. have been removed.
    • Each existing trait was also examined and, where appropriate, had costs adjusted to be better in line with the value or "power."
    • Previous "National Traits" have been assigned a cost and are now selectable by any character.

    If you read nothing else, please read this:

    The new traits menu is, in my opinion, quite awesome. You will be able to see EXACTLY how each trait affects your stats. This is *in addition* to the fact that each trait description reveals the numerical percentages by which stats are affected. So you can read that information below and then ALSO see how it will apply specifically to your character, before confirming the change.

    Please read the messages below to find each of the traits in detail.

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    Hand of Fate
    Both you and your opponents have an additional chance to score critical hits.

    Light Sleeper
    Character can stand without any round time, and will instinctively attempt to stand whenever something enters the room. Character receives reduced fatigue recovery benefits while sitting or lying down.

    Night Owl
    Character receives a +20% bonus to perception during night hours but a -20% penalty to perception during day hours. Mutually exclusive with Fear of the Dark.

    Ox's Grace
    Character receives a +15% bonus to strength and a -5% penalty to dexterity and speed. Mutually exclusive with Frail Build.

    Character receives a +10% bonus to dexterity, improved critical hits, and a -10% penalty to strength. Mutually exclusive with Shaky Hands.

    While in a berserk combat posture, damage done to the character is increased by +10% and damage done by the character is increased by +20%.

    Peaceful Spirit
    Reduced SP gain for combat skills. Increased SP gain for non-combat skills.

    Increased Metabolism
    Character regains health points and fatigue at an increased rate, but food demand is doubled. Mutually exclusive with Weak Constitution.

    Mobile Skirmisher
    Character receives a scaling bonus to dodging of up to +20, inversely proportional to the amount of weight carried.

    Kind Heart
    Character receives a +10% bonus to empathy and a +5% bonus to judgement and reasoning. Thinking aloud does not require or drain fatigue. Character cannot attack a stunned or unconscious person.
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      Night Vision
      Character receives reduced darkness penalties, and is able to see in all but pitch darkness. Mutually exclusive with Fear of the Dark. Value: 1

      Iron Will
      Character receives a +10% bonus to Willpower and can endure damage down to -20 HP before falling unconscious. Mutually exclusive with Frail Sensibility. Value: 2

      Nimble Feet
      Character receives a +5% bonus to Speed and Agility. Value: 3

      Mule's Back
      Strength is increased when calculating the load a character can carry. Does not affect encumbrance penalties. Value: 2

      Steady Hands
      Character receives a +10% bonus to dexterity. Mutually exclusive with Shaky Hands. Value: 4

      Character receives a +20% bonus to reasoning and judgement. Mutually exclusive with Illiterate. Value: 2

      Reduced fatigue drain. Value: 2

      Presence of Mind
      Halves the time a character is stunned for any reason. Mutually Exclusive with Lack of Concentration. Value: 2

      Natural Understanding
      Character receives a +10% bonus to charisma and empathy and has improved control over pets and trained animals. Mutually exclusive with Provincial Attitude. Value: 2

      Hunter's Eye
      Doubles the range of 'scan'. Allows scanning in darkness when combined with Night Vision. Mutually exclusive with Near Sighted. Value: 1

      Dursc Constitution
      Increases HP recovery rate. Mutually exclusive with Weak Constitution. Value: 2

      Mountain Lungs
      Increases fatigue recovery rate. Value: 2

      Pack Rat
      Character can fit more volume into a given sack or container. Value: 1

      Innate Charm
      Character receives a +5% bonus to appearance and charisma. Mutually exclusive with Introverted. Value: 1

      Merchant's Eye
      Character can tell the approximate value of an item with the 'inspect' command. Value: 1

      Iron Gut
      Character has increased resistance against poison and disease and improved recovery time. Value: 1

      Trader's Tongue
      Character has a bonus when selling to (50% greater than Smooth Tongue) and buying from NPC merchants. Mutually exclusive with Gullible. Value: 2

      Character receives a +10% bonus to Willpower and improved magical resistance. Value: 2

      Worldly Knowledge
      Character receives a +10% bonus to perception and a bonus to learning new languages. Mutually exclusive with Provincial Attitude. Value: 2

      Character has a higher threshold of damage before coma or death occurs. Value: 1

      Adrenaline Rush
      Character receives a bonus to combat when they have low health. Value: 3

      Natural Climber
      Character has improved climbing ability, reduced damage when falling from a climb, and can climb while carrying something in one hand. Value: 1

      Absolute Time Sense
      Character has an innate ability to tell time. Looking at the sky yields more accurate time estimates and the character can guess at the time regardless of whether the sky can be seen. Value: 1

      Weather Prediction
      Character has an innate sense of what kind of weather will come in the near future. Looking at the sky will give rudimentary weather predictions. Value: 1

      Enhanced Hearing
      Character has a bonus to detecting whispers, voices, and subtle sounds. Can hear distant sounds (such as yelling) from a longer distance. Value: 1

      Self-training costs 1.5x the normal skill point cost instead of the usual 2x. Value: 3

      Character receives a bonus to shelter-building and general crafting ability. Value: 1

      Blade Mastery
      Character causes a higher rate of critical hits with knives, daggers, dirks, and swords. Value: 2

      Tuchean Resistance
      Character is immune to nausea and has a general disease resistance. Value: 1

      Metal Affinity
      Character has a bonus to crafting and mining skills related to metal and ores. Value: 1

      Character receives a +5 bonus to dodging. Value: 2

      Disciplined Mind
      Character receives a +5 bonus to hit. Value: 2

      Smooth Tongue
      Character has a slight bonus when selling to NPC merchants. Value: 1

      Character has a bonus to hiding and crowd-blending actions. Value: 2

      Character has increased magical potential. Value: 1

      Acrobat's Edge
      Character receives a +10 bonus to dodging. Value: 4

      Muscle Memory
      Character never fumbles in combat. Value: 1

      Character does not receive combat penalties for being in a position other than standing. Value: 2

      Granite Grip
      Character receives a +5% bonus to strength and can carry heavy or otherwise cumbersome objects in only one hand. Value: 2

      Battlefield Awareness
      Defensive openings caused by being feinted will close after the character is attacked, or on their own if not exploited within three seconds. Value: 2

      Cunning Opportunist
      Character has a chance to execute an extra strike when hitting an opponent. Does not apply to missile or multi-strike attacks. Value: 4

      Heavy Arms
      Strength is increased when calculating what may be carried as a moderate load. Maximum load is unaffected. Value: 4

      Ravenous Hunger
      Character deals +5% more combat damage when hungry, and an additional +10% if starving. Value: 3

      Soft Eyes
      Character receives reduced penalties to defense from being outnumbered. Value: 2

      Born Leader
      Character has a chance to give a combat bonus to allies engaging the same target. Value: 2

      Spirit of Nature
      Character can receive a spiritual boon when praying to things in the natural environment. Value: 1

      Frenzied Reprisal
      Character experiences a burst of speed after suffering a critical hit. Value: 3.
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        Shaky Hands
        Character receives a -15% penalty to dexterity. Mutually exclusive with Steady Hands. Value: -3

        Increased HP loss from bleeding wounds. Value: -3

        Lack of Concentration
        Increased stun time. Character is more vulnerable to magic. Mutually exclusive with Presence of Mind. Value: -3

        Reduced scanning range and a -25% penalty to perception. Mutually exclusive with 'Hunter's Eye'. Value: -3

        Provincial Attitude
        Character receives a -20% penalty to empathy and a -10% penalty to charisma. Mutually exclusive with Worldly Knowledge. Value: -2

        Enemies have an increased chance of scoring critical hits. Value: -2

        All Thumbs
        Increased frequency of fumbling and critical failures. Value: -1

        Frail Build
        Character receives a -5% penalty to endurance and strength. Value: -2

        Aversion to Pain
        Increased HP loss due to wounds. Value: -3

        Aversion to Violence
        Character suffers a large penalty to combat. Value: -3

        Uncontrollable Anxiety
        Character has a chance of fainting when HP drops below 40 and of passing out when HP drops below 20. Value: -3

        Fear of the Dark
        Character has increased darkness penalties and cannot move from his or her location if unable to see. Mutually exclusive with Night Vision and Night Owl. Value: -2

        Superstitious Fears
        Character has a major vulnerability to magic. Character cannot use any items with magical properties, including cadaes. Value: -3

        Phobia - Arachnids
        Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting spiders and other arachnids. Value: -1

        Phobia - Snakes
        Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting snakes and serpent-like creatures. Value: -1

        Phobia - Insects
        Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting insects of any variety. Value: -1

        Phobia - Bats
        Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting bats or creatures resembling bats. Value: -1

        Character receives a -15% penalty to charisma and their speech pattern is affected. Value: -1

        Greatly reduces bartering ability with NPC merchants. Mutually exclusive with Trader's Tongue. Value: -1

        Character cannot read or write. Mutually exclusive with Educated. Value: -1

        Frail Sensibility
        Character receives a -20% penalty to willpower. Mutually exclusive with Iron Will. Value: -2

        Weak Constitution
        Character receives a -5% penalty to endurance and recovers HP at a reduced rate. Mutually exclusive with Dursc Constitution. Value: -2

        Frail Lungs
        Reduced fatigue recovery and increased fatigue drain. Mutually exclusive with Mountain Lungs. Value: -2

        Character receives a -30% penalty to charisma. Mutually exclusive with Innate Charm. Value: -1

        Chance to faint at the sight of bleeding wounds. Value: -3

        Weak Stomach
        Character is more susceptible to poison and nausea. Mutually exclusive with Iron Gut. Value: -1

        Character more susceptible to disease. Disease symptoms may be amplified. Value: -1

        Intense Nightmares
        Character recovers fatigue at a reduced rate when asleep, is more susceptible to magic, and receives a -5% penalty to willpower. Value: -2

        Bum Knee
        Character suffers HP loss when running. Value: -2

        Malevolent Shadow
        Character is periodically haunted by dark hallucinations, incurring a penalty of up to -10% of defensive rank bonus. Calming the mind may sometimes lessen the effects. Value: -3

        Absent Minded
        Character periodically drops held items. Value: -3

        Tone Deaf
        Character cannot sing, whistle, or play musical instruments. Value: -1

        Silver Spoon
        Unless carrying enough coin, character has a chance to have a panic attack which drains fatigue. Value: -1

        Body Odor
        Character receives a -10% penalty to appearance and has an intense body odor. Value: -2

        Character is overcome with fear and panic in battle. Value: -3

        Old Dog
        Character gains SP at a vastly reduced rate with skills learned in the 4th slot or above. Value: -2
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          ****NATIONAL LORES

          Altene Fangstave Heritage Lore

          Crafting an Altene fangstave is as much making a weapon as making a statement
          of defiance. When Alterod ordered his army to craft them he knew true
          desperation and he knew how helpless an unarmed warrior felt. Every Altene
          child is taught to craft a fangstave, for it is part of their heritage and so
          they might face their death always prepared. Making one requires a blade to be
          drawn along the last six inches of the sapling, sharpening it into a point.
          [This character receives a bonus to crafting fangstaves, and can use Craft
          Basic Stave untrained.]
          Usage: craft fangstave [from] <sapling>
          When the Altene people encountered the fire of Erai'theran, they hardened into
          the tool he wished them to be. It is the same with a fangstave - until it has
          felt the kiss of a proper flame and hardened, it is not the tool that it is
          truly meant to be. The temperature of the fire as of great importance; a hotter
          fire will endanger the wood. Holding the fangstave in the coals, you allow the
          heat to roll around the fangstave slowly turning it while never allowing flame
          to take hold.
          [This character has the ability to temper fangstaves, increasing their
          lethality in combat.]
          Usage: temper <fangstave> [in] <fire>

          Altene Oath Lore

          From the common craftsman to the finest mercenaries, Altenes are raised with a
          stern code of honor which is religiously adhered to. Its tenets are few and
          simple: an Altene, above all else, must honor their word, employer, and people.
          Even considering breaking a contract is a bad thing, and the word 'oathbreaker'
          can and has caused tavern brawls when flung carelessly. Due to this tradition,
          Altenes are often well paid for their devotion to duty.
          [This character receives a bonus to pay for completing some in-game missions.]

          Aestiva Spear Hurling Lore

          The Aestivan League is purported to have a history as long as Iridine's, and
          some scholars surmise that the nation was originally settled by a landless
          company of soldiers who chose to carve out a permanent home for themselves. In
          both war and ceremony, the spear holds a special place among Aestiva's people.
          Due to their martial approach to life, Aestivan depictions of Ereal take the
          form of a soldier and protector, wielding spear and shield. Most families
          include a demonstration of spear throwing as a rite of passage for young men
          and women entering adulthood.
          [This character receives a bonus to Spear Throw, and can use the skill
          Usage: throw <spear> at <target>

          Aestiva Surveyor Lore

          The Aestivan League is a nation solidly built upon some of the most wild lands.
          Just as the Aestivan engineer can pave over rugged mountains and deep marshes,
          unyielding determination is the path to success the nation has become famous
          for. In taming these wild lands, scouts and surveyors plot the way with order
          and precision, spending many of their nights in self-made shelters.
          [This character receives a bonus to Shelter Building, and can use the skill
          Usage: build shelter

          Aestiva Signalfire Lore

          Men and women of the Aestivan League enjoy a life of well-planned order. Many
          travelers to their lands even feel bewilderment as each street and building is
          laid with repetitive lines and precise orientation. This level of order does
          not come naturally, and the wilds of nature must be cut back according to the
          engineer's plans. Aestivan scouts and surveyors take clean measurements,
          marking lines for s with towering bonfires on the horizon. Whatever
          scrub and brush cannot be used for building materials serve a purpose lighting
          the way.
          [This character can light bonfires out of suitable quantities of wooden items.]
          Usage: light <group of wooden items>

          Cinera Silent Blade Lore

          Any Cineran worth their salt carries a small blade of some sort. If many of
          them are proficient with the weapon, even more are lethal with it. Every single
          Cineran male believes himself to be an expert with the blade, and many Cineran
          women find themselves in servitude if they cannot handle a fighting-dirk.
          Having your blade in hand at that pivotal moment can be the difference between
          life and death. For you, drawing a blade comes naturally.
          [This character receives a bonus to Knife Stealthy Draw, and can use the skill
          Usage: draw <small bladed weapon>

          Cinera Dominance Lore

          The nation of Cinera is a place where the strong pitilessly prey on the weak
          and relationships of power and slavery are the basis of society. Cinerans own
          and are owned by others in a hierarchy from the lowest commoner to the most
          powerful warlord. In this warlike society, feats of arms are a person's
          greatest assets and gauging your opponent's strength can be a matter of
          [This character receives a bonus to Assess Target, and can use the skill
          Usage: combatassess <target>

          Gadaene Rag Picker Lore

          While known to the outside world as a colorful, fun-loving people, the kingdom
          of Gadaene spends significant time and resources preparing for war, primarily
          against their perennial enemies in Sostaeran. A Gadaene soldier's strength lies
          in adaptability, initiative, and natural instinct on the battlefield, but it
          does not translate well to the healer's tent. Many become accustomed to taking
          their recovery into their own hands so they can get back into the action.
          [This character receives a bonus to picking out healer's stitches.]
          Usage: pick stitches from <body part>

          Gadaene Toss Lore

          A superbly imaginative and individualistic people, the kingdom of Gadaene
          thrives on exuberance and flashiness. Gadaenes live for the moment, in constant
          motion towards the next experience. Entertainers such as musicians, poets, and
          actors flourish, and many a festiv include juggling and tossing attractions
          into their act.
          [This character receives a bonus when throwing ordinary objects.]
          Usage: throw <item> at <target>

          Iridine First Aid Lore

          Iridine is a nation fueled by industry, intrigue, and war. While the common
          head count may live miles away from the front lines, danger takes many forms,
          from simple scrapes and bruises working in the harbor to a wild lion
          accidentally loosed from the colosseum. In areas rife with overpopulation,
          Iridine's healers are overworked every day. Many injured Iridinians would
          rather tie on a bandage themselves and get back to work rather than journey to
          the local hospice or temple.
          [This character receives a bonus to Bandage Wound, and can use the skill
          Usage: bandage <body part> with bandage

          Iridine Protection Lore

          Iridine is a great and growing center of trade and the capital of the small but
          powerful Iridine Republic, a nation of high political ideals and practical
          philosophies. At a time when threats seem to come from all sides, even the most
          prominent senator can use a guard. Standing together, and watching each other's
          backs, Iridinians have a way of making it through the most dire of
          [This character receives a bonus to Combat Guarding, and can use the skill
          Usage: guard <target>

          Iridine Road Lore

          Through Quartz Heights, the Sandbar, and even to Blackvine and Seld, Iridine is
          a nation that favors civil works and the construction of roads to carry men,
          women, and goods where they need to be. Iridine natives have an intimate
          working knowledge of these roads, and as such can recall many destinations
          throughout the city and nearby Republic.
          [This character may record additional markable destinations for use with the
          'walk to' command.]
          Usage: mark <destination name>, walk to <destination name>

          Republic Country Cooking Lore

          People of the Republic of Iridine who don't live in the capitol tend to make
          due without fancy creature comforts, for the most part. Being able to cook for
          one's self is a point of pride for those who live in the country, and you're no
          [This character receives a bonus to Basic Camp Cooking, and can use the skill
          Usage: cook <raw food item>

          Republic Rough It Lore

          People of the Republic of Iridine, who don't live in the capitol tend to make
          due without fancy creature comforts, for the most part. Being able to make a
          simple snare is a point of pride for those who live in the country, and you're
          no exception.
          [This character receives a bonus to Setup Deadfall Snare, and can use the skill
          Usage: setup deadfall snare


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            ****NATIONAL LORES part 2

            Steps Hiding Lore

            The area known as The Steps was once a vibrant community centuries ago, when
            the Old City was known simply as Iridine. Since then overpopulation, poverty,
            and crime have taken over as prominent members of society moved west, taking
            their wealth and the area's resources with them. Any modern denizen of the
            Steps knows that keeping out of sight often means keeping your pouch, and head,
            intact. The ability to hide in urban areas comes naturally to you.
            [This character receives a bonus to City Hiding.]
            Usage: find cover

            Steps Undone Lineage Lore

            In proper Iridine society, those known as the Undone are considered the scourge
            of the Republic, outcasts driven out of Iridine lands by King Tulcas. Slowly
            over the years, as the Steps lost the Republic's eye, these peoples began to
            filter back in bringing with them recollections of a past long gone. It is said
            that in these dark ages the moons were once worshiped as gods, and although any
            modern priest or scholar would scoff at such a dangerously heretical belief,
            the rumors of the Undone carry with them the names and signs of these ancient
            [This character can identify a shrine's patron deity.]
            Usage: inspect <shrine>

            Steps Gang Swagger Lore

            When someone mentions the Steps, thoughts of narrow streets over flowing with
            garbage and refuse, plagued by gangs and crime leap to the front of most
            Iridinian's minds. From the Black Centurions and the Umbra Alati, to the
            mysterious Shrikes and Sinistrals, the gangs of the Steps offer livelihood and
            camaraderie to those whom they believe the Republic have failed. Survival among
            the destitute and cruel means adopting a certain swagger, to either appease the
            gangs or to rise within them.
            [This character receives a bonus to the amount of gang reputation accrued when
            performing relevant actions.]

            Parcines Battlecry Lore

            Centuries ago, the people of Parcines were driven from the plains where they
            dwelled and forced into the lower reaches of the Blackroot mountains by the
            armies of Quintus the Marauder, one of the last kings of Iridine. Part of this
            small but ferocious nation, the call of battle spills forth from your lips more
            easily and with more force than most.
            [This character receives a bonus to Battle Cry.]
            Usage: battlecry <text>

            ​​​​​​​Parcines Warclub Lore

            After being driven into the Blackroot mountains by Iridine's efficient legions,
            the people of Parcines had to cope with a new land and climate. The next time
            the legions returned, however, Parcines was ready. The mountains inspired new
            weapons and tactics which proved Parcines too fierce for Iridine to subjugate.
            Today, the crafting of clubs designed for war is still passed down from parent
            to child in a coming-of-age tradition.
            [This character receives a bonus to Craft Basic Club, and can use the skill
            Usage: craft club from <branch or leg bone>

            Tuchea Grog Lore

            A predominantly seafaring people, those of Tuchea are hardier than most. Long
            sea voyages don't leave much in the way of entertainment except work, sleep,
            and drinking. The booze to be had on the open sea can make hair grow on the
            chest of any man. Over the generations, a higher than average tolerance to
            alcohol now runs in your blood.
            [This character has an increased tolerance to alcohol.]

            Tuchea Ruthlessness Lore

            Tucheans value wealth, beauty, and power above all else. Many recall the great
            campaigns of acquisition, and the sight of a Tuchean pirate ship still fills
            the sailors of today with dread. For a Tuchean, great rewards call for taking
            great risks; a philosophy leaving little room for regard for life, human or
            [This character receives a bonus to Killing Blow, and can use the skill
            Usage: kill <target>

            Windward Mining Heritage Lore

            Owned and protected by the Republic of Iridine, Windward is an island boasting
            one of the richest copper mines in Midlight. The people of Windward were once
            slaves, but now live on the land, and know how to thrive. Your family has a
            nose for mining, and you're no exception.
            [This character receives a bonus to mining.]
            Usage: mine here

            Windward Fishing Heritage Lore

            The island of Windward has an expansive coastline, rich with the bounty of the
            sea. As the typical Windwardian man tends the mines or farms, many women make a
            living fishing and contribute to the community's meals with a catch of fish or
            clams. When men fish, it is usually for sport or bragging rights. Whether
            profession or pastime, fishing provides the people with a steady supply of
            [This character receives a bonus to Pole Fishing.]
            Usage: cast <pole>

            Safelands Foraging Lore

            Raised in a peaceful nation where living off the land is second nature,
            gathering what you need from nature comes naturally to you. Your people have
            grown a natural resistance to common berries and other forageable foods that
            most stomachs can't handle.
            [This character is not adversely affected by berries and other such forageable
            food items.]

            Safelands Improvised Tool Lore

            The Six Towns of the Safelands are each home to peace-loving people who find
            contentment in making industry from nature's plentiful resources. Many master
            craftsmen impart the knowledge of finding suitable materials with which to
            produce their works to apprentices first and foremost.
            [This character receives a bonus to Survival Foraging, and can use the skill
            Usage: find resource

            Remath Linquistics Lore

            A small nation resting in the shadow of growing Cineran influence, Remath
            maintains strong ties with the Republic of Iridine. It is through resilience
            and resourcefulness in trade and diplomacy that Remath has stood the test of
            time. In maintaining good relations with their neighbors, the people of Remath
            welcome all to her port, and have shown a great skill in languages. It is not
            rare to meet a Remathen who speaks four or even five languages to some degree
            of fluency.
            [This character receives a bonus to learning languages.]
            Usage: echo <language tutor>

            Remath Tea Lore

            While the accomplishments of Remathen foresters and herbalists are well known
            throughout the nations that share with them the bonds of diplomacy and trade, a
            simple one has earned great regard from even the head count of Iridine -- her
            teas. Queen Alinissa Condaia herself has been noted sipping from a cup of
            Remathen tea whilst pondering her next venture as tea varieties of all prices
            make their way across the border as exports. Some Remathens claim sipping a
            fine tea can be even more satisfying than a hearty meal.
            [This character's hunger, as well as thirst, can be satiated by drinking tea.]
            Usage: sip <tea>

            Sostaeran Cohesion Lore

            Lying largely unnoticed by the rest of Midlight, the diminutive kingdom of
            Sostaeran is a nation of practical, utilitarian people who live their lives
            with military discipline. Sostaerani craftsmen care little for elaborate or
            fancy work, as these things would be a waste of time and resources. As the
            saying goes, a Sostaerani who stands out in a crowd is a Gadaene, and as such
            they excel at, and often times prefer, to blend in with the people around them.
            [This character receives a bonus to Mimic Signpost, and can use the skill
            Usage: signpost

            Sostaeran Alertness Lore

            The kingdom of Sostaeran takes great pride in their legion-like fighting force.
            Sostaerani soldiers are drilled continuously and their ability to follow orders
            promptly and skillfully has made even seasoned Iridine centurions envious. A
            Sostaerani warrior's disciplined mental focus is something to contend with, and
            few fall for feints and underhanded tactics in combat.
            [This character receives a bonus to Feint Awareness, and can use the skill



            Debug Information