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New Sell Command Functionality

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  • New Sell Command Functionality

    You can now sell items and pets from character to character!

    To sell an item, you must have it in your hand, just as if you were offering it to someone. The exception to this is dogs, for which you must be the master. Then type:

    sell item to user for # currency

    Currently, you must use the full name of the currency. An example:

    sell veal to Joeschmoe for 5 sens

    Joeschmoe will be prompted, and he can choose to ignore the offer, or to accept it with:

    accept Janedoe

    Just the same as with offering. Joeschmoe must have enough money on hand in order for the transaction to take place.

    As an added feature, at banks the money will be taken from and transferred to the respective characters' accounts.

    In the future, the sell command will allow characters to transfer ownership of holdings and other types of assets and objects.

    Have fun!