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Patricians, 2004

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  • Patricians, 2004

    It's that time of year, folks. We will now be accepting applications from players who would like to purchase a patrician character. Please look in ?basic patrician and ?wealthy patrician for a basic overview of the patrician packages. If you'd like to apply, send in an @request with a short biography of the patrician you'd like to play. This should be several sentences giving a name, age, political beliefs, goals, and other facts about your family and this patrician. For example:

    Praetus Gavius

    Praetus was raised in Iridine all of his life, his family always on the fringes of patrician life. Much of the family's wealth has been poured into his older brother's bid for the senate and Praetus has become more interested in good deeds. He has been left a small domus by an uncle and plans to become a patron of the arts.


    Please note that your patrician should be of a young age (late teens-early 20's). They will not have been part of a major patrician family, but one of the minor patricians with no close relatives in the Senate. It is acceptable to collaborate with other players, whether already established with patricians or also new, to play characters of the same family.

    The deadline for patrician requests is February 29, 2004. We'll be picking the class shortly after that, and the newest patrician characters should be released towards the beginning of the summer. Good luck to everyone who is interested!

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    Remember that we're still accepting these submissions through the end of the month. Go ahead and @request your patrician package now... you won't get another chance until 2005!


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      Only five more days until we close to patrician submissions... no exceptions. Act now or miss your chance for another year!