Dear Skotos Community,

Effective as of today (9/17/01), there will be a change in the hours that Skotos Customer Experience personnel are available to serve you. This change is based on the changing duties of the Customer Experience department as the empowerment of in-game volunteer staff to handle most if not all roleplaying and out-of-character (not billing or account question) requests allows us to readjust our scheduling to better server our clients and community.

The Customer Experience hours (for telephone support on billing questions only), and expected review and response of emailed support questions to, will now be:

12:00PM-8:00PM Pacific Standard Time (PST), Monday-Friday.

In-game support staff (the Castle Marrach StoryPlotters and StoryGuides, StoryHost Aumakua in Galactic Emperor and the staff of The Eternal City) will still maintain the high quality of volunteer support that they have consistently provided for in-game issues.

Thank you,

Scott Roberts
StoryHost Prometheus
Director of Customer Experience and Quality Assurance
Skotos Tech Inc.