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    In light of the persistently negative tone of the TEC webforums, we're going to be aggressively monitoring all posts. We'll mainly be watching for vulgarities and personal attacks.

    With respect to vulgarities, including graphic sexual or violent imagery: if it wouldn't be allowed on a typical prime-time sitcom, it's not allowed here. Please act accordingly.

    With respect to personal attacks: There will be a zero tolerance policy for anything that can be construed as a personal attack. This includes oblique references that may not necessarily use a player or character's name.

    Our tolerance for the above will be particularly low as we begin to enforce this policy. Offending posts will generally be deleted, not edited. Infractions will be handed out to forum users that show particular disregard for the policy.

    On a personal note, I despise censorship. I'm understand that the community sometimes regresses to the lowest common denominator, but I'm not pleased about it. The fact that the level of discourse has gotten so shockingly low disturbs me, and I hope we can swing an about-face quickly. The forums can be a productive tool for enhancing the game experience. Let's concentrate on making that a reality.

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    Please note that we've deleted posts from, and subsequently locked, the new LOL thread. These threads seem to always devolve into personal attacks. Given their limited positive impact on the community, we're going to be restricting these types of threads in the future.

    So, as a coda to the above guidelines for moderation, please understand that it will be considered a personal attack for one player to post references to another player or character in a demeaning manner.

    It's a bit ridiculous that the level of discourse in these forums has dropped so low. If the pattern of abusive behavior continues, we're going to ramp up with issuing forum infractions and, if necessary, in-game discipline (RP fines, suspensions, etc.)

    Censorship is not something we enjoy. We would appreciate it if all members of the community took a few extra moments before posting to consider the impact of their statements and whether they fit within the guidelines.


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      Not sure if people have specifically noticed, but we've eased up on moderation a bit in the past few days as the general tone of the forums has taken a decidedly more positive turn. Let's please keep it going with constructive, respectful discussion and not let things slip back into chaos.


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        These webforum moderation policies are still in effect. It's become necessary to police this more aggressively once again. Please note that repeat violators may find themselves receiving in-game discipline, not just forum bans.


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          Please note that we will continue enforcing these policies regarding courteous and constructive discourse in the webforums. Forum posts that disrespect your fellow players or the broader community will be removed and the responsible accounts may face forum suspension or in-game discipline.


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            Seems it's time to resurrect this thread. Some have decided that the use of vulgar language has somehow become acceptable behavior in our forums. You may have noticed that I have gone in and edited some without issuing any infractions. If this behavior persist, instead of editing, post will be deleted and infractions handed out. Also, everything posted in this thread prior to this is still in effect. Please keep this in mind and reread and refresh your memory if needed.
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