Skotos Forums Closing: September 30

The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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  • Alternate Clients

    In case the policies are unclear on the subject, let me point everyone's attention to the TEC Guidelines, as covered under ?rules:

    The use of any MUD clients other than the ones provided to you by the official web site is strictly forbidden.
    Please note that clients not provided on the Skotos website are not approved, certified, or allowed under any circumstance. This is particularly true in light of recent concerns about the security of unapproved clients. As a precaution to protect our customers, we'd like to once again stress that we cannot vouch for the security or safety of any non-Skotos software. Unauthorized clients have created several problems that have diverted the staff's attention from more pressing matters in the last week or two. Whatever leniency or tolerance there may have been in the past no longer exists for this issue.

    Finally, please understand that while the GM staff would prefer not to focus its energies on enforcing this policy, using--or enabling other accounts to use--an alternate client is a severe breach of the guidelines and may result in RP fines, account suspension or permanent closure.

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    This past week has been eventful with respect to this subject.

    The TEC server will no longer be automatically closing logins that are initiated by an unauthorized client. There are several technical concerns created by the existing Java applet that make closing the unauthorized logins unreasonably difficult for the server to process, and that's led to some lag issues. We've spent a lot of time weighing whether the increased server lag and diminished capacity is worth inconveniencing users of alternate clients, and for the moment, the answer is no.

    This has been a particularly difficult issue for the staff to face this week given the widespread popularity of the alternate clients. We recognize that a lot of that popularity is due to the deficiency of the legitimate clients. Trust me on this: we've heard your feedback about the inadequacy of the Skotos-built clients, and we intend to act on that feedback when it's possible. More than that, it's been unpleasant to face some incredibly harsh comments that belie any constructive approach to problem-solving or community-building. I'd like to remind players that we're all in this together, staff and players alike, and future problems must be worked out in a more constructive manner.

    I've been told that I'm allowed to reveal that part of our decision to remove access to the unauthorized clients was to attempt to reduce server lag. Specifically, when the unauthorized socket connection is made with TEC, there exists a chance to create a ghost connection that does not expire properly and continues to use up processing power until it's been manually closed. These processes don't create lag in and of themselves, but they exacerbate other lag spikes. Shutting off the access unauthorized clients enjoyed was one attempted method of fixing this problem. We will continue to seek out ways of addressing this issue and all other lag issues that we face.

    Finally, to reiterate: the use of any unauthorized client is strictly against the rules and you may be disciplined for doing so, up to and including a permanent account closure. A log of your unauthorized logins will certainly be considered an exacerbating factor if you are found to have broken other rules in the game. Skotos does not and can not endorse the use of any program not specifically provided by Skotos to access The Eteranal City. We will not, however, be actively policing unauthorized logins.

    Please feel free to contact the GM staff if you have any questions or feedback regarding this post.



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