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    I'm planning on being available in the Welcome Area for most of the afternoon and into the evening on 10/13/09 for no-holds-barred conversation. By the end of the day, I expect there to be major decisions made about a number of important issues that currently confront the game, and the feedback I receive during these discussions will shape those decisions.

    The major topics for discussion will be:
    - Reform of the skill point accrual mechanics.
    - Progress on current projects.
    - Priority of future projects.

    As I said, the conversation will be wide-ranging, and will deal with just about anything so long as the tone remains civil.

    I can be found at the "Alcove of Game Masters" west of the main welcome room in the WA. I should be available for conversation at any point where my name appears on the duty list visible with the who command. I'll be working on other tasks throughout the day while there, so if I'm not immediately responsive I'll probably be back soon.

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