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  • TopMudSites listing updated

    We've finally gotten access back to our MUD listing on TopMudSites. So, after many years of having outdated info, I was able to go in last night and update our listing with a working web address and a few other updates. However, we still have the following as our MUD description:

    The Eternal City represents the next generation in text-based virtual reality. Welcome to an ever-growing world where you can help decide the future. Join the leadership of the legions, rise within the ranks of the criminal underworld, rout law breakers with the constables, or learn the ways of healing from the Temple of Ereal. Come and join us, and see how your actions and those of your fellow citizens will impact the richly detailed world of Midlight!

    "If you're looking for a game you can really sink your teeth into, with a world in which you can become a true character, this is it."
    - Michael Wolf, PCGamer
    I am looking for a creative player to give us an updated description to use for our listing. We will be accepting submissions for our new description through @request from now until midnight Eastern time on the night of Thanksgiving (Nov. 26th). The owner of the winning entry, chosen by the SG and GM staff, will receive 200 RPs. Please submit all entries via @request and use the Contest category.

    Thanks again for being a part of the community, and Don't Forget to Vote!
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