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  • Minor Policy Notes

    A concern has come up regarding the use of the "discard" command in certain instances. When the item being discarded is small or fragile (for instance, a key, a pouch, it is not considered "OOC" to discard it while under duress. It _is_ against the rules to then recover that item. Please treat such discards as "permanent". If you witness a situation like this, please submit an @request ASAP with the discarding character and the item discarded.

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    There's been a trend in recent weeks towards more innuendo and sexually suggestive comments in the public channel (Think). Let's please keep the game-wide channel to a PG level and remember that language and comments that are OK for a small group might not be appropriate for the entire game to hear.

    We'd generally prefer not to hand out OOC infractions for inappropriate comments in think, but if the trend continues we'll start doing so after warnings are ignored.


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      In response to a series of discipline reports we've received in the past couple of days about a specific IC situation being disclosed by a player OOCly, let me mention that the long-standing policy of the staff is that player indiscretion may be connected back to the character. The staff may take action in these cases to legitimize the OOC violation.


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        For clarification, since the issue has come up a number of times in the past few days, entering commands repeatedly in order to gain some advantage during periods of lag is not allowed, and will be considered on the same level as bug abuse.


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          Regarding custom items:

          We will not be filling requests for custom items that have mechanically altered properties at this time while we evaluate the impact of existing items on game balance and create a more comprehensive approach to filling these requests in a balanced, appropriate manner.


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            With the new circumstances of the StoryGuide program, the function of the SGProclaim command has been changed. New SGs will be unable to respond to your SGProclaim, which may still be used to offer constructive feedback or notes about characters, as the circumstances warrant. Please note that when using the SGProclaim command, the SGs will see you identified with your character's name.


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              A quick note regarding communication with the staff. While I and other GMs are registered in these forums and can accept PMs, they are not a good way to get in touch with the staff regarding in-game issues. Given that forum accounts are not necessarily linked to player accounts, the opportunity for someone to misrepresent themselves in this venue limits the utility of PMs. If you have an in-game concern, please reach us through the appropriate in-game avenue.