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    The Eternal City has always enjoyed an expanding playerbase and more players to help the gameworld become more lively and interesting for all. In an effort to bring more excitement and more people into this great game we all love, The Eternal City will be offering free accounts!

    Yes, that’s right, free. Players with free accounts will have permanent access to their accounts, regardless of payment status. Your character on that free account will not have restricted in-game access in any way. No restrictions on gameworld movement, plot involvement, or org membership. First month trials will not be affected (they will still have the same privileges as a basic account), and will transition seamlessly into an unpaid non-trial.

    While we will be offering free accounts, TEC will not become a free-to-play game. There will be some restrictions on the free accounts. These include:

    -Free accounts will be limited to one character in their first slot only, with no option to switch characters into or out of that slot.
    -Free accounts will not gain Role Points, nor will they have any opportunity to spend Role Points.
    -Free accounts will be expected to comply with all GM and game rules; there will be a zero tolerance policy for any infractions.
    -Two unpaid non-trial free accounts may not use the same connection or IP, even if they are spouses/siblings/relatives/living on the same college campus.

    This free account system is a new system for us, and we will be evaluating the efficacy and performance of this program down the road, to determine if it is working for The Eternal City as intended. Should the program be determined to not be performing as well as we’d hoped, it may be discontinued without notice.
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    All accounts created prior to May 7, 2010 have received one free character slot adjustment. This allows you to promote any character in your userlist to the first character slot. To redeem this promotion, please type @number-one from the Welcome Room.

    Please note that this will be the _only_ opportunity to move characters from one slot to another for free. If you change your mind or would like to move characters around at a later date, you will need to use the role-point option available through the @play menu (which is not accessible to unpaid accounts).



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