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    Howdy everyone!

    I'm putting this thread up so that everyone may understand what I'm doing, why and how it's going to continue working and most importantly what will make it stop.

    I'm a strong believer that player (As I'm not an employee I don't feel that customer is the right word from me) interaction is a key to being successful at what I'm trying to do for this game. Being that this forum was created for you to voice your opinions about the game, give feedback, idea's - it seems sensible that I try and frequent it to get your opinions.

    There is a lot of negativity surrounding these forums (as an idea). What I mean is that they've lost an increasing amount of credibility to established players and more importantly the staff of this game. This is nothing new, I recall this from being a player many years ago. Fortunately I've found from reading through here, that I'm not buying that anymore.

    I'm not here to play hall monitor - If a post is overly offensive I'm going to delete it. But, for the most part I'm not here to read every post, monitor it, reprimand you, delete your post, etc. I'm here trying to find out what you want from me as a Staff member and what the game needs to thrive. I don't play the game anymore; have not for many years - So your experiences of the game are going to be what I base my judgments off of.

    The gist of this all.

    I'm going to be putting up threads asking for opinions of you as a player.

    What I expect:
    Honest opinions, specifics, reasons behind the opinions.

    What I wont tolerate:
    Bickering, arguing, fighting, finger pointing, childish internet behavior, whining and all other BS that isn't needed in my threads.

    If you're doing this in my thread. I'll give you one warning - if you do it again. I'll ignore any advice, questions, complaints, problems that you ever voice. You continue to be disruptive in my threads - I'll ban you from the forums myself.

    If it becomes an increasing problem - I will not interact with the playerbase in these forums.

    I'm not obligated to do any of these things. I'm doing this because I want to help make this a better game for you. I'm volunteering my time here because I want to give back to a game that help evolve my life to where I am now. (TEC was one of the primary reasons I got into gaming- now I work in the game industry).

    Things I will not discuss:
    Account details : Yours or anyone else's
    Other GM's <my game studio> <before you comment on any of my threads>