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    The staff of The Eternal City is accepting applications for additional staff members to join our team. Please submit an application via the @staff-app?lication command, available in the Welcome Room. While there are no vacancies we are actively looking to fill at this time, applications will be reviewed and kept on file for future recruitment purposes.

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    For reference, the following is the list of questions asked on the submission form:

    Time zone you live in:
    Phone (for reference only):
    Email address:
    Age (proof of age may be requested):
    Your Skotos account name(s):
    Brief statement about your experience in The Eternal City:
    Brief statement about why you want to become a staff member:
    List any TEC associations to which your characters belong (e.g., Auxilii, guilds or constables):
    List major ic or ooc player relationships that involve the game (friends, enemies, spouses):
    Do you maintain frequent OOC contact with other members of the TEC community (through instant messengers, social media, or in-person)? If so, with whom?
    Please describe any related past or current online gaming experience (include staff experience, if any):
    Please describe any programming experience (game or non-game related):
    On a scale of 1 (disdain) to 10 (desirous), rate your interest in creating and leading Events:
    On a scale of 1 (disdain) to 10 (desirous), rate your interest in helping with player problems and welcoming newcomers to the City:
    On a scale of 1 (disdain) to 10 (desirous), rate your interest in building the gameworld (i.e., writing/creating new locations--buildings, towns and terrain):
    On a scale of 1 (disdain) to 10 (desirous), rate your interest in programming the game (including simple object effects, skills or more fundamental tasks):
    Can you commit to an average of about 10 hours per week to staff duties for the foreseeable future?
    Briefly, please give your opinion about the greatest challenge you think that TEC faces?
    Briefly, please describe the Events you have enjoyed the most, and tell why.
    Briefly, please describe the Events you have found lacking, and tell why.
    Briefly, please describe your "favorite" character, and why you enjoyed playing that role.
    Would you be willing to complete a non-disclosure agreement if you were invited to join the staff?
    If you have any other information that you think we should take into consideration, please describe.