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  • A new command is now available from the Welcome Area. @FORUM-SEARCH. This should help save a lot of time for those of you that need to dig up some old information from the IG forums. Thanks to Theramminator for the suggestion.
    Game Master Sceadu


    • If you're carrying someone that is carrying a light source, their light should help light your way as well now.
      Game Master Sceadu


      • The roundtime for wielding a shield has been removed. I'm not entirely sure why it was added to begin with as Roman shields were not "strapped" to the arm, rather they were held by a horizontal or vertical handle on the back of the shield.

        On a side note, I found this video to be rather interesting when researching this particular concern:
        Game Master Sceadu


          • Crafted twig, grass, and reed basket capacities have been increased to be more useful.
          • Scroll Cases that you can Label (via the Label command) are now sold in a new shop (with a few other new scribing-related goodies) in the Sandbar.
          • A new slate item (that can hang on the walls) is also now sold at the same shop.
          • The empty Help File for Marriage, Inheretance, and Funerals has been filled out (Thanks to members of the Cult of Ereal for helping to flesh it out).
          • Help Files on both Hunting & Outdoor Survival have been updated to reflect all the new skills and mechanics.

          Game Master Tale
          Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


            • The most common wolves weigh much less now, which means their corpses (and pelts) weigh much less as well.
            • The property office clerk should now function as expected in regards to facilitating the sale of property holdings from one player to another.
            • The Basic Camp Cooking skill's syntax has changed from the old cook <edible> [over] <fire> to a more simple cook <edible> while an appropriate open flame (or lit stove) is present. Attempting the old syntax will simply tell you that "Over fire" is not needed. Functionality is the same, but the command has been simplified to be more intuitive.
            • Failed attempts at Basic Camp Cooking now damage the quality of the food you're cooking. If the quality reaches 0, the food is burned. This is slightly different than how it was before, where only the final roll determined if food was burnt. Now it is appropriately cumulative. This means that better quality will play a part to make uncooked food more durable and thus surviving more failed attempts to cook it.
            • Once fully cooked, skinned edibles (like meat, livers, hearts, etc) will reveal the quality of the meat itself once eaten, alongside the apparent description of the cooking skill of the cook, and any flavor it might have already. This will help distinguish the truly fine foods, as well as the truly talented camp cooks.
            • When using the Fishing skill, it will now actually let you know if you're doing so with a pole that is unbaited as the first sentence in the action line.
            • When losing bait while fishing, the echo will now appear within the action line itself, as the last line.
            • Baiting a fishing pole can now be done while the bait is in-hand, if the bait is in the environment (aka lying on the ground, etc), or if it's in an open container that your character is wearing (a sack, pouch, etc).
            • The Bait command can now also handle groups of bait as well. So if you group all your bait together, it'll just select one piece of bait from the group at random and use it.
            • Some fish have had their names adjusted slightly.
            • Fish sizes have been adjusted slightly. "Average" and "Below average" were removed, while "somewhat small" and "hefty" were added. "Massive" is still the largest you can get.
            • Fish that players catch will now have their size descriptor (which based on your fishing skill, stats, and bait used, etc) reflected in their name.
            • Tadpoles are now a foragable resource (Survival Foraging's 'Find Resource' command) near stream and river banks, as well as swamplands. They're used as extremely effective bait!
            • The available fish to catch for each region has been adjusted slightly to accommodate new fish.
            • Suntrout, Bloodtrout, Weeders, Moskrels, & Swordfish have been added to various appropriate fishing regions.

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            Game Master Tale
            Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


            • Short Whips Yank

              Round-times imposed for the defender after a successful 'yank' have been slightly INCREASED after months of monitoring and observation.


              • Brawling SP

                Brawling skill points can now be used to learn Pankration, much like the sword styles can use One-handed Gladius SP.


                • Due to some recent trends noticed with the Kudos system, players are no longer allowed to award Kudos to other accounts within their own household.
                  Game Master Sceadu


                  • A new feature of the REVOKE command has been added. You can now REVOKE ALL and it will remove EVERYONE you've given permission to work on your doors. I hope that this will help players feel more secure in the fact that they don't have to worry about if they'd given someone permission in the past and forgot about it.

                    The LIST feature in @ALLOW has been temporarily disabled. After being brought to my attention and testing myself, this was a way to possibly MAJORLY abuse the system. You could @ALLOW MAN for a "man in a hooded cloak" standing in the room with you and them immediately @ALLOW LIST to see who that man was. I'm hoping we can find a way around this in the future to again allow characters to see a list of who they're allowing to touch them.

                    A minor tweak to the PK system: Characters and organizations that are granted a PK on a character now have the option to show mercy (if the role-play leads that way) and either remove the tongue of or break the bones of their victim (for free) instead of only having the option to kill them. Showing mercy in this manner does not revoke the open PK permit.
                    Game Master Sceadu


                      • Snail shells found in the forest via the appropriate foraging skill now spawn filled with rainwater. (Yay, hydration!)
                      • More of the larger bones and other approprioate skinnables can now be knapped into spearheads.
                      • More of the smaller, and more easily broken apart animal bones can be used to knap into small numbers of bone shard arrowheads.
                      • Instead of requiring a specific number of ranks in the basic skillset, Locksmithing jobs now require ranks in the actual skill that the job requires. So people who have little to no ranks in Install Lock won't be offered any Install Lock jobs.

                      Game Master Tale
                      Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


                      • More Woodsie Updates!
                        • A new Lore has been added to the game called "Advanced Camp Cooking Lore".
                        • Advanced Camp Cooking Lore allows woodsie cooks (depending on their ranks in Basic Camp Cooking - specific rank requirements withheld) to use alternate cooking methods on various cookable items.
                        • Different cooking methods detailed in this lore work on different types of items, but there is some crossover for each method.
                        • These alternative cooking methods add new flavors, smells, and descriptions to the food in question.
                        • Some of these methods require the use of new cooking tools.
                        • A new cooking tool has been added as an option to the Whittle skill. Skewers!
                        • A new cooking tool has been added as an option to the Survival Weaving skill. Broilers!
                        • A new Lore has been added to the game called "Field Dressing Lore".
                        • Field-dressing entails turning certain corpses into whole food items rather than skinning them for individual parts. A chicken corpse, for example, would become 'an uncooked whole chicken'.
                        • Field-dressing requires a certain number of ranks in Advanced skinning (specific rank requirements withheld) in order to use.
                        • Details and usage syntax of both new Lores can be found by recalling the lore in question once learned.
                        • Both Lores function like previously released woodsie Lores. They can be purchased with General Skill Points, or with skill points in the related skillset.
                        • Please see your local cave-dwelling wild-man if interested in learning these new and exciting camping Lores.

                        As always, please @report any issues you may encounter related to these changes and be as detailed as possible. Thanks!

                        Edit: After some constructive player feedback, the following changes have also been implemented:
                        • More common forest critters can now also be field-dressed.
                        • Field-dressing a corpse now results in a quality-of-skinning descriptor (based on your combination of ranks in all three skinning skills) just like normal skinning to reflect the quality of the final product.
                        • Skinning ranks now determine the final quality of field-dressed food items and better quality results in better tasting food, just like normally skinned meat..

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                        Game Master Tale
                        Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


                        • The Skills command will now display Total Combat and Non-Combat ranks at the BOTTOM of the output.

                          Last edited by Pranzor; 08-06-2017, 01:47 PM. Reason: Changed the location of the output so that it is easier to see.


                          • Very minor change but could cause some confusion initially:|

                            You must type out the full word SEARCH when you want to search something. Previously you could use just SEAR, but since the introduction of searing foods we have had to extend the previous shorthand. In conclusion the commands are as follows:

                            SEARCH - used to search an place or item
                            SEAR - used to sear foods using the outdoor cooking skills
                            Game Master Sceadu


                            • A big thanks to Sideways for working on this most recent project:

                              A new deck of cards has been created and placed on the table in Meeting Room A, on the eastern side of the Welcome Area, for players to test and tinker with. This new deck of cards is a bit more versatile than those that currently exist IG, and is intended to accommodate a variety of playing card games.

                              Please feel free to play around with this deck of cards and let us know if any bugs, errors, or typos are found in the process by submitting an @report. Feel free to suggest changes or additions by submitting a suggestion via @request. We plan to introduce this item IG after it has bee been thoroughly tested and players have had a chance to learn the mechanics.

                              Below is an explanation of the new features of this deck of cards.

                              GETTING INDIVIDUAL CARDS FROM A GROUP

                              Cards dealt from this deck can be separated from within a group by simply using the GET command. This means that one can take a single card from within a group of several cards and then manipulate it, offer it to someone else, put it elsewhere, etc. Syntax: GET <card>, GET <card> [from] <group of cards>.

                              ADDING INDIVIDUAL CARDS TO A GROUP

                              Similarly, cards dealt from this deck can be combined with other cards by simply using the PUT command. Users can use PUT to add an individual card to another individual card, or to a group, or to combine one group with another group or individual card. Syntax: PUT <card>|<group of cards> ON|IN <card>|<group of cards>.


                              Cards dealt from this deck of cards have two orientations--face up, and face down--that change the way a card or cards appear (e.g., "a card" versus "V of Gladii," or "a pair of cards" versus "a pair of cards consisting of the X of Staves and Centurion of Wine"). When looking at cards one is holding, an indication is provided as to which cards are face up, if any. When looking at cards elsewhere, only those cards that are face up will appear by name. Players can now look at cards being held by other players.

                              One can change a card's orientation using the FLIP command. Players can flip an individual card alone, or a group of cards all at once. Syntax: FLIP <card>|<group of cards>.

                              A player can turn all of the cards in a group of cards face down by using the RESTORE command (which was and is used to return all cards to a deck when that command is issued on a deck of cards). This command would be the most convenient way to reorient all the cards in a group in which some cards are face up and others are face down, or to ensure that none of the cards one is holding is visible to other players. Syntax: RESTORE <group of cards>.

                              Players can also change the orientation as they put a card or cards down by adding the words "FACEUP" or "FACEDOWN" when using the PUT command. Syntax: PUT <card>|<group of cards> [faceup|facedown] [on <surface>|in <container>].

                              DEALING CARDS

                              When using the DEAL command, a player can affect the orientation of cards while dealing them by adding the word "FACEUP" before the player list (cards are otherwise dealt face down by default). In addition, players may input "all" instead of a number when using the DEAL command, which will have the effect of dealing however many cards remain in the deck, not including any remainder that couldn't be evenly distributed among the recipients. For example, if there are three total recipients and 16 cards are left in the deck, a player who deals "all" instead of a number will deal 5 cards to each recipient, and 1 card will remain in the deck. Syntax: DEAL <all|#> <deck of cards> [faceup] [to] [list of people and/or surfaces].


                              Two or more cards can be set into one of various arrangements using the ARRANGE command. This is primarily aesthetic, but it serves to provide variety when numerous groups of cards are present--for example, players may find it easier to interact among "a stack of cards, some cards, a fan of cards, and a hand of cards" than with "some cards, some cards, some cards, and some cards." Syntax: ARRANGE <group of cards> INTO <arrangement>.

                              A "stack" and a "pile" of cards will behave differently than other arrangements. When a group of cards is arranged into a pile or stack, only the top-most card in the group will be visible when the stack is face up. Only the top-most card can be taken from a group of cards arranged into a pile or stack.

                              Game Master Sceadu


                              • We have made a minor tweak to attributes but before getting into the change, here’s a brief summary of how attributes work.

                                Each character is generated with a set of “base” attribute numbers. These numbers are calculated by several things within the character generator. Each character is also generated with a set of “potential” numbers they can bring these base numbers up to. A character can increase their base UP TO their potential by training in game. Once your base number matches your potential number you must purchase more potential in that attribute for that character via Role Points if you wish to increase that attribute any further. The Story Point option of buying attribute increases will increase the base number
                                (along with the potential number if they’ve already met) without the need of the character having to train them up in game.

                                There is a cap on the maximum this base can be. In the past, a character could never raise their potential above this base number, but there was a change some years ago that changed this. The change allowed characters to go above this base number to basically eliminate any disadvantage of any negative traits. This change also hobbled those with positive traits not allowing them to bring their potential up to the “max base” which would allow them to go over the final attribute number which is figured AFTER a character’s base attribute number is ran through the code that increases or decreases an attribute depending on traits and other factors.

                                Let’s use some fictional numbers here to help explain. A character pops out of the chargen with a base number of 5 in agility. Their potential is 8. The maximum base is 10. This means they can train that base number up to 8. Once they do that, they have reached their potential and they have to purchase potential increases if they wish to continue to increase agility.

                                Following those same lines, let’s say that after that character’s base agility stat was run through the code to figure in traits and other factors, their final number is 10. That character could not progress any further in agility even though their base is only at 8.

                                Same character, now with an 8 base and reached a true 8 in agility, purchases enough potential to 10 and actually trains agility up to 10. So now they’re 10/10. That 10 gets run through the code that figures in traits and other factors and it returns an 8. That character could then go and increase that base to 12 to overcome whatever negative trait it was that was holding them back.

                                So (before this change), you’ve hobbled the character with the positive trait and given an advantage to the one with a negative trait.

                                This was changed back to line up with the original plan some time ago and is the cause of some confusion amongst players. This is why some characters that couldn’t purchase potential in a particular stat now can. It is allowing that character to bring their potential up to match that maximum base. Until today, the final number produced after running through the code to figure in traits was also capped at the same as the maximum base. This cap has been raised.

                                Did I say a “brief summary”? *coughs*

                                Now that your brains are scrambled, I’ll try to sum up what the final outcome of this change is. Most of you may remember that a while back there was a change to the wording that described your character’s attributes and some that had “inhuman” stats dropped to “outstanding”. Now you will learn part of the reason that happened. The cap on the final number (after running through the code to figure in traits) has now been raised. This means those with traits that will help their stats can now climb beyond “outstanding”. This also means those that have traits that negatively affect a stat cannot train themselves out of the disadvantage that trait gives them.

                                Due to the massive amount of time and effort it would take to entertain any request to do so, there will be no retroactive refunding or changing of past purchases/training/etc.
                                Game Master Sceadu