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  • Along the same lines as the previous update:

    There are several things that could change a character's stats. Some things in the list are sitting, laying, encumbrance, and coma sickness. Before, these changes weren't reflected when you would look at your character's stats. It has now been changed so your character's stat sheet will give you a more accurate reflection of what your stats are at any particular moment instead of generalizing them as what they are before other factors are taken into account.
    Game Master Sceadu


    • Following the update to Stats and their Base/Max changes, certain substances that can modify your stats for a time have been updated.
      • Their benefits no longer stack if you use more than 1 of the same type at the same type, but the consequences of consuming multiples do stack. Also, their benefits now can take you over your 'max base', for a time and at a cost.
      • Effects (both negative and positive) have been increased and expanded on. They now come with multiple benefits, as well as slightly longer recovery periods.
      • Both the initial benefit as well as the recovery period now have longer durations.
      • Recovering from the after-effects of one such consumption can now negate the benefits from secondary ones. So consuming more before you've fully recovered from the first instance is risky in that you could lose the benefits of the second, while still having to suffer the after-effects of the second instance.
      • More such items have been added to the gameworld.
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      Game Master Tale
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      • In order to clear up some confusion in the use of Brawling vs Pankration Feint, the command for Pankration Feint has been changed.

        The new command is:

        pfeint <character>

        Before, it was hard to tell which command was triggering which feint.