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  • Change to Backwards Rolling Rise

    When using the command brise when prone, you can now rise regardless of rather or not you are engaging an opponent. This will not affect how the move works when swept as it will remain unaffected.


    • When monitoring your HP you should now get alerts when bleeding and also as you heal. Please @report any odd behavior.
      Game Master Sceadu


        • Sharpened coins now have a "crafted quality" associated with them. It is visible in the description and in the echo when crafted.
        • Crafted quality of sharpened coins is based on rank in the related skill.
        • Palmed sharpened coins now give a small bonus to certain actions based on the crafted quality.
        • Crowd "Commotion" now plays a slightly more important roll in certain thieving action difficulty levels.
        • Size of items which can be palmed is now increased slightly with ranks.
        • The effects of these changes are dependent on ranks, and cap out around the Grandmaster level. Exact numbers will not be given.
        • The chances of catching something when fishing without bait of any kind has been somewhat reduced. Because...bait
        • The chances of catching something when fishing with bait of any kind has been slightly increased. Because...bait.1
        • The volume of twig-woven, grass-woven, and reed-woven basket has been increased somewhat
        • Certain rank milestones in the three skinning skills will now allow someone to skin animals with an axe blade instead of a knife or dagger.

        P.S. As a reminder: when fishing, if an above-mentioned woven basket is on the ground in the spot you fish from, caught fish will automatically be placed there if there is room inside, making it easier to keep the area tidy and prevent spam/clutter.

        As always, please @report any bugs or related issues.
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        Game Master Tale
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