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    The island ferry (Signaltower) now allows the use of the 'wait for ferry' and 'wait for dock' commands.


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      If somehow you wind up with over 10 items in your bank account, there will be no cost to withdraw anything down to your item limit. This will help those being evicted from inn rooms that don't bother to clean up their rooms.
      Game Master Sceadu


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        When speaking through doors or other portals, people on the other side will only know it is 'a man' or 'a woman' speaking unless they've been around you enough while you were speaking to recognize your voice when heard. This was implemented some time back and I forgot to announce it. I apologize for any confusion the delayed announcement may have caused.
        Game Master Sceadu


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          If your personal guard somehow winds up with something stuck in his/her hands, you should now be able to command them to drop it.

          Syntax: Say to <guard> Drop <item>.
          Game Master Sceadu


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            Lawkeeper Improvements and Fixes:

            Posted here.


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              Multiple minor fixes:

              You can no longer perform the search of a room while lying (or kneeling or sitting) down. The reason for this is both due to code and practical IC reasons. The roundtime for searching a room is largely dependent on a character's speed. A character isn't very fast when lying, kneeling, or sitting, so anytime a search was performed while doing these you would get huge roundtimes. And practically, a person cannot perform a thorough search of a room/area if they aren't standing up.

              Those that have lost tongues can now do many things they should have been able to do anyway. Scream, flex, peer, laugh, exc. (I've fixed so many over the last few days I can't remember them all). These problems were caused due to the Skotos commands that were ported over when we made the move to them. These commands were originally intended to be able to be used with speech, but since the introduction of directed emotes, that aspect of them is no longer needed. I'm sure there are others out there so feel free to @report any that you notice that may need to be updated.
              Game Master Sceadu


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                It is no longer possible to grab someone out of combat and pick them up -- both you and the target must be retreated for you to carry them. Targets who are disabled (unconsious, etc.) can still be picked up even if they are approached.


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                  I gave the Chargen room a quick update:

                  You should now return to your last location every time, rather than the Welcome Room. I upgraded the button as well.


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                    Tridents for Newbs

                    Due to pitchforks being considered practice weapons, new characters who start with tridents get a shiny new weapon.


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                      Manacles and shackles will now function properly. Locksmiths will also be able to install locks on these to make them harder to remove. There are various shops across the Republic of Iridine that already sell them. Here is how they function:

                      bind <target> <hands/feet> with [manacles/shackles]
                      release <target>
                      release <target> <hands/feet>
                      lock [manacles/shackles] on <target> with <key>
                      unlock [manacles/shackles] on <target> with <key>

                      For locksmiths:

                      install <tumbler> in [manacles/shackles]
                      lock [manacles/shackles] on <target> with <lockpick>
                      unlock [manacles/shackles] on <target> with <lockpick>

                      If a character has a set of manacles or shackles locked on their hands or feet the release command will not work. You will need to use the original key or a locksmith to set them free. The regular mechanics for bound characters apply to these as well.


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                        Showing something should no longer cause NPCs guarding your target to block the action.


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                          The MATCH command has been capped at 100 references with the following return:

                          >match branch
                          There are more than 100 matches to "branch". Please refine your search.

                          That's simply by reference name, of course. A group of branches still only counts as one.


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                            It is no longer possible to spam the COLLECT command. Only one collection can run at a time. The STOP command will cancel it if need be.


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                              Sizeup has been updated to include the first line of a character's description.

                              SIZEUP Marcus
                              You see a burly man. Marcus is somewhat overweight.

                              On NPCs it still won't return a "sizeup" line, but instead of the "Perhaps you should LOOK..." line, it will now tell you their description (part or in whole, depending on how their descriptions are set up.)

                              SIZEUP thug
                              You lock gazes with a scummy resident of Iridine's streets. His body is lithe and he bears close-cut dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He is fairly dirty and malodorous.

                              SIZEUP Sarinia
                              You see a tall, bony woman with stringy muscles.


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                                Originally posted by HotMoltenLava View Post
                                I would suggest that you should have to have something in your hands in order to eat it, whether it be on a plate in your hands or directly so. That would stop the accidental eating of things that aren't intended when you don't realize you've reached the last bite of what you were eating.
                                This is now the case. You have to either have the food inhand, or within an object that is inhand, to eat it.