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New Administration for The Eternal City

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  • New Administration for The Eternal City

    As of December 1st, Skotos Tech officially took over administration of The Eternal City from Sony Online Entertainment / Denver. This has really been coming for awhile, as Denver's priorities have shifted away from their legacy text-based games over the last couple of years. It eventually became obvious that Denver just didn't have the technical expertise required to help administer the game any more, and so we decided that we could improve the administration of TEC by cutting out the middle man, which is what we've done. We appreciate all the work that the former Worlds Apart put into creating and administering the games over the years and hope we'll be able to improve upon it.

    As of a few days ago, we've named Bactrian as head GM. He'll be working directly for us, but we'll be extending to him the same mandate that we do to all of our game leaders: Bactrian will be the ultimate arbiter of policy and design within The Eternal City.

    Over time we hope that this change will result in a better TEC, as we'll be able to bring more resources to bear to improve and expand the game thanks to our more direct administration.


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    While I've been unavailable for the last five weeks, moving forward I'll be a very visible and active presence in the game's administration. Over the next few weeks there'll be more information posted about the positive impact that Skotos' direct administration of the game will have, but for now please know that our active priorities will be establishing events, increasing basic playability (bugfixes, requests, other "housekeeping" items) and maintaining a constructive conversation with our customers. Thank you as always for your support.