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  • Player Killing Policy

    There's been a lot of flux in the PK policies over the last several years. At this point, a single statement of TEC policy regarding player killing is required.

    - Player killing is prohibited without a PK Permit. Player vs. player confrontations without a permit will end, at most, in a coma.

    - PK permits do _not_ cost any RPs.

    - PK permits will not expire, but may be revoked by the GM staff due to inactivity.

    - You must apply for a PK permit prior to a confrontation with a character. Do not request permission to kill a character _after_ rendering that character unconscious or comatose.

    - To apply for a permit, submit an @request with your character's reasons for wanting to kill anot player character. Please be as specific as possible with the justifications for the PK. Remember, killing another player's character is a very big step to take. Make sure that it's justified based on the in-game storylines.

    - PK permits will only be granted at the discretion of the GM staff. We reserve the right to deny or revoke PK permits at any time. We may revisit and grant PK permit applications at a later point in time based on changing circumstances; you are also free to re-submit your application at a later time.

    - Spurious PK permit applications may be subject to an RP fine. Please be certain that your request is justified before applying for a PK permit.

    - If you receive a PK permit, a "silent" reciprocal PK permit will be issued to your character's target. To clarify, if Ulath receives a PK permit on Xia, Xia will also receive a PK permit on Ulath. This reciprocal PK permit will not be displayed with the PERMIT command unless Xia has specifically requested (and been granted) a PK permit on Ulath.

    - You may share a PK permit with other characters. If you intend to be assisted by another player character or group, please submit a request detailing your proposed contractors. The contractors must also file a request (the leader of the org doing so, if it's a group). Approval is not automatic; the GM staff may deny or revoke PK permits as needed. Reciprocal PK approval will be granted in all cases.

    The Eternal City gamestaff takes permanent character death very seriously, and we will be monitoring all PK permits closely. Please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions about this policy.