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  • Contacting the Staff

    It's helpful to occasionally re-post our policies for contacting the GM Staff. The various ways to contact the GM staff are as follows:

    - @feedback: used to provide thoughts and constructive comments to the staff without the expectation of a reply. All @feedbacks are read by all GMs.
    - @report: used to report bugs and disciplinary issues in the game. Consider this the general "complaint" channel: when things aren't going as intended, use @report. Please consider your priority level carefully; mis-prioritized reports can make it more difficult for us to fix the issue.
    - @request: the older brother of @report, @request is used to handle most communication with the staff. This is the venue for requesting RP purchases, asking questions, addressing issues with organizations or IC plotlines, and other miscellaneous business.
    - GM Office Hours: The GM staff will offer office hours on a fairly regular basis. This is a chance to get 'face time' with a member of the staff on any subject you like. While we can't promise resolution, and may have to impose time limits on the meeting, this is a good way to cut through the bureaucracy.
    - proclaim/the GM On-Duty Desk bell: to receive the immediate attention of the GM staff, please use proclaim or the GM On-Duty Desk bell. Both items will get the attention of all available staff members. These communication methods should _only_ be used in an "emergency", defined as a situation that requires immediate attention because it is hampering an ability to play a character.
    - Email This e-mail has replaced the e-mail address that was formerly used to provide support for TEC issues. While account issues should still be sent to, e-mail to will be forwarded directly to TEC's administrator.

    I realize that we've been lax in enforcing the restrictions against casual proclaiming over the last year or so, but moving forward we're going to ask that non-emergency communication take place elsewhere. With the advent of GM office hours, players have an opportunity to grab the staff for one-on-one time in a more structured setting, and we encourage our players to take advantage of that opportunity.

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    Some additional notes:

    Please do not use Private Messages in the webforums to contact the Staff. Since webforum accounts can be created by anyone, including non-players, we tend to avoid discussing in-game issues via the forums. Please use in-game methods only to contact the staff.

    My @mail box is a legitimate option for private messages, particularly if you feel that a report, request, or other form of communication has fallen through the cracks. Please do not abuse this option. To reach me in this manner, @mail bactrian.


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      Other than @mailing Bactrian and potentially office hours, the rest has not changed. Pay particular attention to the section on proclaims.

      This is just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood sewer turtle.