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Celebrating TEC's Fifteenth Anniversary

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  • Celebrating TEC's Fifteenth Anniversary

    We'd like to take a moment to thank you for your support of The Eternal City. We're about to celebrate TEC's fifteenth anniversary year (1996 - 2011) and we're proud of the progress made over the last fifteen months in improving the world of Midlight. We value your playing time, and we hope you're as excited as we are to see what's next for The Eternal City.

    Most importantly, this is the year that TEC takes ahold of its own destiny. Early December marked the beginning of Skotos' direct stewardship of the game, and long-time GM Bactrian will be running the game as the Lead Staff Member. The priority for The Eternal City and its staff is simple: Story. The staff's focus in-game will be on what makes The Eternal City the leading multi-user text-based gameworld on the Internet: its events, its storylines, its gameworld interactions, and its depth of roleplaying. The GM staff, supported by StoryGuides in key long-term roles, will be making 2011 the Year of the Story--and we invite you to get in on the ground floor.

    What's in store for players of The Eternal City this year?


    The history of Iridine is a deep, complex, brilliantly woven tapestry and players this year should get ready to participate in events they'll be talking about for years. Conflict looms on the horizon, with enemies outside the Republic seeking a war the scale of which has never before been seen. In the city, as politicians struggle for secular power, a darker movement to gather a deeper power grows as the Cult of Ereal and the followers of a crazed god struggle with other, less well-defined parties to restore balance... or upset it forever.


    The opportunity to play a patrician character will be restored by the end of February, and they'll be receiving support like never before. Greater immersion will be possible with an automated system that allows your patrician to request favors of clients and patrons, a dynamic reputation system that endorses behavior according to the Roman virtues, and avenues for real decision-making power in the gameworld. At the same time, social attributes for common characters will become more dynamic, allowing for greater social mobility and a deeper reputation system. Gain citizenship, buy property, rise in class, and have a larger stake in Iridine as your reputation grows.


    The combat system is widely regarded as the best text-based combat system available, and we're applying that same expertise to the non-combat side of the game. Each month between April and June will feature updates to a different non-combat skillset, with locksmithing, pickpocketing and healing leading the way. In the second half of the year, the focus will be on crafting and herbalism, as we move from the alpha-testing stage of herbalism to its full-blown release. Along the way, we'll continue to focus on increasing interdepency and interactions among our players.


    While we're proud of the state of our combat system, we won't be resting on our laurels. A number of balance tweaks will be made to the combat system in March, and we'll be looking into ways to enhance the fun of combat training and skill advancement in general.


    Most importantly, 2011 will be the Year of You. We're going into this year with a renewed commitment to engaging our players, transparency in our stewardship of the game, and responsiveness to making your playing experience enjoyable within the context of a deep-immersion role-play world. We've succeeded for the last fifteen years as the model of excellence in gaming, boasting a beautifully detailed gameworld and mechanical systems built to last. We haven't always succeeded in earning your playing time, and we want the chance to do so now. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.