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  • The paid Rock Valley wagon is now in full operation once again. Somehow his tickets were replaced with wrong ones. Once I discovered this, I fixed his stock and replace any of the existing bad tickets with good ones.


    • CKF Markad Slash
      • This skill will now properly execute both bruising and slashing damages, including critical hits.
      • This skill will also now properly give a bonus that is determined by the attacker's ranks in Brawling Punch.

      Avros Stab and Slash
      • This skill will now properly execute both piercing and slashing damages, including critical hits.

      *If you spot any issues with these two skills, please send in a detailed @report with your findings. This was a rather extensive change to those two skills, but it was necessary in order for them to function properly.


        • The longstanding bug that wouldn't allow you to tip crude arrows with arrowheads even if you met the requirements should now be fixed. (Either the Hunter Tipping lore or 10+ ranks in basic archery, and 1 rank each in knapping and crafting arrows).
        • The longstanding bug that wouldn't allow you to tip clubs with spikes even if you met the requirements should now be fixed. (Either the Hunter Tipping lore or 20+ ranks in basic clubs, and 10+ ranks in craft club).
        • The longstanding bug that wouldn't allow you to tip spears with spearheads even if you met the requirements should now be fixed. (Either the Hunter Tipping lore or 20+ ranks in basic spears, and 10+ ranks in crafting spears).
        • How much a whole fish fills you up per bite has been standardized across all fish (some gave none, some gave a TON, etc). The larger species of course still offer more 'bites', however. Same for larger fish sizes of the same species (large trout opposed to a tiny trout).
        • Fish Fillets have been fixed to satiate your hunger properly (same amount as a bite of a whole fish would - each fillet has exactly half as many 'bites' as the whole fish, so you lose no 'bites' by filleting).
        Game Master Tale
        Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


        • Just a few issues that have been addressed so far this month.

          • Fixed a longstanding bug where self-training did not round properly, resulting in a lower cost.
          • Values should now be consistent when training multiple or single rank(s).
          Handoff Pickpocketing
          • This skill now gives SP once again.
          Sand and Gravel Sacks
          • These will now properly pluralize when grouped.
          • Weight issues were also addressed.
          Cliff Crabs
          • These creatures would occasionally have an attack that was not colorized. This has been fixed.
          • You may see that this fix applies to other creatures too.
          Locksmith Shops
          • Added more echoes to these shops so that the poor urchin can go play like urchins should do.
          • Shops affected: Rock Valley, Iridine and Blackvine.
          • Fixed a longstanding issue with cupboards falling off the walls.
          • This could occur when someone would try to 'get' the cupboard by mistake.
          Galbria's Shop
          • Galbria will no longer throw your purchase on the ground.
          Dragging Wagons
          • Wagons should no longer be allowed to be pulled or dragged to places they should not be.


          • Here are a few fixes that have been completed over the last few weeks:

            • Seld healer bags were had a few issues (having tailor needles instead of healing needles, things weighing 84 lbs etc.). This has been corrected.
            • Phesius will now buy things correctly.
            • The Blue Breakwater Inn now evicts people correctly.
            • Cestii will now display properly in stores as sold items and when the clerk is asked to "show me" it.

            • Crowd NPC Mining Picks (aka the old 'standard' mining pick) can now properly be used as a 2-Handed Axe, and are the default 'tin' option of that weapon variation.
            • Using a two-handed pick axe for Basic Attack (attack <target>) now properly grants 2-Handed Axe skill SP.
            • The 2H Axes skill 'Wide Grip Stance' now properly tells you that "You space YOUR hands wide apart..." instead of "You space THEIR hands wide apart..." when performed.
            • Unarmed blocks now use appropriate math when using your ranks in the appropriate blocks to increase their effectiveness.
            • Knapping arrowheads from stone now correctly 'uses up' a stone per success.
            • Fixed bugs with hole digging. It now will take stat buffs/debuffs into account when calculating roundtimes, and will not give a roundtime if it fails to dig a hole.

            • Fixed long-standing bug where outdoor climbing would not give any echo upon success, just the success/roll.
            • Now, you can inspect a an item that is climbable for whatever reason and get a fairly accurate assessment of how hard it is to climb, PLUS, if you walk in a direction and it's too steep to walk and you need to climb, it'll give you a fairly accurate assessment of how hard it is to climb.
            • You will no longer be able to attempt to unjam a container with itself (especially if the container had "lock" in its name).
            • People with the Metal Affinity trait now properly receive a bonus to quality when making lockpicks/keys.
            • The 'END' command no longer has a typo eluding that being granted a VC from such an action might be possible. It is not.
            • Cullaiden Island inhabitants can use the THINK channel. However, the island is too far away for thoughts from the island to reach the mainland, and vice versa. The ships ability to think/hear depends on where the ship currently IS in it's journey. As it approaches the island, it enters the island sphere of thoughts and leaves that of the mainland.


            • Stuck Items:
              • There has been a longstanding bug where items would get stuck in the void inside a character.
              • This bug appeared closely related to how objects are stowed in items like sheaths, scabbards, and baldrics.
              • This issue has historically been fixed manually by available staff members.
              • A fix has been put in place that will check for stuck items through the use of the inventory command.
              When you type 'inventory' and an item is discovered in the void on a character's person, they will get the following message:

              An inaccessible item was found in your inventory.
              <lost item> has been moved to your character's hands.


              • Empty Command

                Fixed a bug where a character was unable to empty a like-numbered container into another.

                empty 1 <item> into 1 <item>

                If you see any oddities due to this change, please put in a detailed @report.


                • Group Command

                  We have recently fixed a bug in the GROUP command. In certain situations, especially concerning skinned items, the group command would produce errors. As you use this command, please keep an eye out for any side effects, good or bad. If you encounter additional errors, side effects, or bugs, please put in a detailed @report of the issue.


                  • A bug was discovered that reduced the frequency with which shields absorbed unblocked hits. This has been fixed.



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