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    Raphael has been busy making some changes that are available for testing in the beta area:

    There are two main areas of change involved.

    One is standing should now remove openings from a feint. We want testers to see how this plays in general PVP combat.

    The other area is with flick feint. The 'stun' induced by flick feint is now on a scale for beta testers. I won't go into too much detail, but I'm sure it will be easy to figure out. Again, please report your findings and we can tweak it from there.

    The best way to report is to post to the *beta-testing board. We will give this a few weeks before full implementation to work out bugs and tweaks.
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    Also, the two beta-testing combat areas now have Giant Buttons on the walls that will spawn enemies when you PUSH them. Enjoy.
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      Minor change to negating feints in beta. Rather than standing removing the openings, we are testing being put laying or kneeling removing the openings. This will allow for rolling dodge and vulture block, among others, to be more useful. Please provide any feedback as well as bugs on this change.



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