Skotos Forums Closing: September 30

The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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    New Staff Members

    I'd like to announce that we have brought on two new GMs recently in an attempt to help take up the slack left by Kneller's departure. Vejovis and Busillis. Both are still getting their footing as staff and will be becoming more visible as they become comfortable in their new role.
    Game Master Sceadu


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      Facebook Contest #1

      Check out for a chance to win 100 Role Points.
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        Just in time for Christmas!

        Check out to enter for a chance to win a free custom item! Contest ends Christmas day.
        Game Master Sceadu


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          We are in the process of setting certain things up IG that will send you emails to alert you when they happen. Examples of current things on the list are:

          When a GM replies to one of your bug reports.
          When a GM replies to one of your requests.
          When a player or GM sends you an @mail IG.

          This system will require the email address you've stored on your account to be up-to-date. A large majority of emails on file are greatly outdated. To help with this the @email command has been updated to allow you to not only set your password initially, but to change it whenever you need to.

          If you do not wish to receive emails from TEC, please either do not set it or use the @email command, choose to change your email address, and enter "clear" to clear your email address out of the system.

          Edit: We've noticed spam filters are aggressively filtering out the test emails we are sending to ourselves during this process, so you may want to make sure is added as an approved sender in whatever email client you use if you wish to receive these new emails.
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            In keeping step with the changes to sending email notifications, all members of an organization will now receive an email when someone post in their org's IG forum.
            Game Master Sceadu


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              Free Month of Premium Service!

              To celebrate the new year, Skotos has agree to give away 1 month worth of premium service to 1 lucky person. Check here for your chance to win!
              Game Master Sceadu


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                CGO Forums

                Although we have agreed not to police the offsite GCO forums, it has been brought to our attention that some members are sharing other players' and staff members' account information in those forums.
                6. Restrictions. You agree not to do any of the following prohibited actions:

                I. reveal information, to anyone without access to such information, without the express permission of a member, that (i) personally identifies such member; (ii) reveals the administrative role of such member within a game; or (iii) reveals the names of game characters identified with such member.
                The above quote is directly from the Skotos Terms of Service agreement each player agreed to when opening a Skotos account. All of these Terms of Service are not restricted to the Skotos site or it's games. This is fair warning that we will follow up on reports of this nature. If you have been guilty of sharing another person's account info in these forums, or any other, we would suggest you remove them or take responsibility for them when we take appropriate action.
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                  The meeting room below the Welcome Area will be open throughout the day for the players of any members of underground organizations who may have questions.
                  Game Master Sceadu


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                    The machine that hosts TEC, will be taken down for a short time this Thursday at 1:45pm PT, once the afternoon's backups are done. The goal is to swap out the memory, which has been long-delayed, and should increase its count by 4x.
                    Game Master Sceadu


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                      Hoarded Character Names

                      After sorting through 247498 users in our database, we have freed up approximately 12000 names. These names were chosen by determining when the character was created and when the last command for said character was. Any character that had a life-span of less than 30 days was renamed and backed up to free up the name that was being used for that character.

                      In the future, anytime a character that has had a life-span of less than 30 days is deleted, it will process it automatically and free up the name to be reused.
                      Game Master Sceadu


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                        You may have noticed that a recent post by one of our GMs was deleted concerning TopMudSites.

                        I must state that we can in no way give rewards for voting on their site. It is a violation of their rules and will get us removed from the site entirely. The recent post has gotten us temporarily removed from the site already.

                        That being said, by voting for TEC you will draw more attention to the game and possibly draw more players into our world. That, in itself, is a reward for players and staff both.
                        Game Master Sceadu


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                          Role Player Of the Month

                          Starting July 1st, 2013, the Role Player of the Month system will be slightly overhauled in hopes of making it more dynamic, include people that were overlooked in the past, and allow player input into the choosing the winner. Below is a breakdown of how the system will work:

                          First off, the system will not be based entirely off Bonus Points alone. A new point system will be created to allow players to gain points based off a few different factors:
                          Bonus Point = 100 points
                          Role point = 1 point
                          Kudo = 5 points

                          Each time a player receives a bonus points, they will be awarded 100 points towards RPotM. Every Role Point they are awarded for outstanding role play will count as a point towards RPotM. Each @kudo a player receives from another will award the player that receives the kudo 5 points.

                          In doing this, we are going to rework the @kudos system in an attempt to prevent abuse as much as possible. A player will only be allowed to award @kudos to one player a day. These will not “roll over”, so if you forget or miss using @kudos for a day, you will just lose it. A player will only be able to award an @kudos to a single character up to 5 times per month. Once they’ve awarded a single character 5 @kudos, they will have to choose other characters to award their @kudos to. This will make it possible for a single player to award up to 25 points to another character per month. A recording system will be put into place as well to monitor this so we may go back and any time and review who a player has voted for and how many times they have done so. If a player is found abusing this system in any way, their ability to use the system will be taken away entirely. Also, this system will be available to paid accounts only. This must be done to prevent people from creating alternate accounts just to award their own accounts points. There will be no mechanical restrictions put into place to prevent people from giving @kudos to their own alternate accounts, but let it be known, THIS WILL BE CONSIDERED ABUSE AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ABILITY TO USE THE SYSTEM IF YOU ARE FOUND DOING THIS. We truly hope our opening this up to players will make you take this opportunity to reward your fellow players that you feel are role-playing well and, in turn, enhancing your own role-play.
                          Game Master Sceadu


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                            Discarded Item Graveyard

                            We’re going to be doing a cleanup of the near 1.2 million items that have built up in the discarded item graveyard over the years and tweaking the system to prevent such a huge build-up of items in the future. What this means to you, as a player, is items that are currently in the list of items any of your characters can retrieve will soon be unable to be retrieved. Anyone that has items in their discarded items list they wish to retrieve should do it sometime within the next 24 hours or so or risk the chance of losing them forever. Also, during this time any items that are discarded are subject to be lost forever as well, so be VERY careful about what you discard until this process is completed.
                            Game Master Sceadu


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                              Locksmithing has been given a new skill, one that allows a locksmith to etch text into a completed wax imprint of a key or lockpick with a wooden stylus. Using an etched imprint to create a mold, and with that mold, a key, produces a labeled key.

                              In conjunction with this change, all innkeepers now issue keys that follow this same style of labeling.

                              The skill is called Wax Letter Etching.

                              More ranks in the skill will do two things.
                              1. Allow the use of more characters.
                              2. Improve the lettering style produced. (Roll over success is also considered for this.)

                              The Guild of Locksmith's trainer is the originator/creator of the skill, and has agreed to teach various locksmithing shop owners around Iridine, to varying degrees of skill. Apula, being the miser that she is, negotiated poorly, and therefore does not teach as high as other, less pentak-pinching locksmith trainers.

                              The benefits of ranking the skill extend further than what can be learned from any NPC.
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                              Game Master Tale
                              Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


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                                Role Player Of the Month Rewards

                                Here is a list of how the new RP rewards will be calculated for the new RPotM system.

                                pts = points you've earned for the month (using the formula posted above)
                                rps = Role Point Reward

                                under 100pts: rps = pts
                                100 - 200pts: rps = pts * 1.5
                                200 = 300pts: rps = pts * 2
                                above 300pts: rps = pts * 2.5
                                winner: rps = pts * 3 (In case of a tie, all "winners" will go by this formula)
                                Game Master Sceadu



                                Debug Information