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The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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    Complaints of Creatures Despawning

    Creatures will despawn after a considerable amount of time of no physical activity in their location. Not only is this intentional to prevent archers from farming areas that far exceed their skill level, but it is also intentional to keep the level of active creatures in the gameworld to a minimum. If you are having these issues, I would recommend you find a partner to accompany you on your adventures or actually expose yourself to danger. An archer with 1,000 combat ranks should not be killing more creatures (with minimal risk) at the hardest hunting ground in the game than those with considerably more combat ranks. These high-level hunting grounds were intedend for group combat, so please keep that in mind.


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      Congratulations to Raven3517 for winning Role Player of the year for 2015! Again, this year's reward will be a domus for the character of her choice.

      Raven3517           2975  Mishy               145   Jendokarsa          25   
      Benjaminswords      2600  Falconsx            140   Justsomeone         25   
      Eyd                 2465  Silentcold          140   Tony64              25   
      Fairiefly1          2440  Livak               130   Z_isom86            25   
      Talasia             2020  Shiloboy            130   Zeldaiscool         25   
      Tecaddict           1800  Aurona              125   Enger               20   
      ArchMagi            1785  Gypsy89             125   Gamble              20   
      Stoad_01            1645  Philippecp          125   Ghend               20   
      Ekatarina           1570  Bearstearns         120   Mustax              20   
      TheDarknightX       1565  Bobleeswag1112      115   Sammus12            20   
      Krythis             1505  Dimandra            110   Ginadana            15   
      RaJean              1375  Swornenemy          105   Krisis2009          15   
      Emerald_dragon      1195  Vettelette          105   Mightydonut01       15   
      Talax               1155  Mikeand             100   Renewal             15   
      Azztec              1140  Rune789             100   Rhenn               15   
      DerekSolace         1010  MajinVegeta         95    Senerai             15   
      MindThrasher        965   KyaelBowbender      90    SirReaper           15   
      Blazing_angel       955   Stovall             90    Arathon             10   
      Oggiv               945   ArmyEOD             85    Bhellings           10   
      James666            940   Christofire         85    Bigpete88           10   
      Matk1812            935   Indicajane          85    Brownbottle         10   
      Yuval               880   Skipsmusic          85    Carrotflower        10   
      Druceo              870   Apresvous           80    Chrisallan          10   
      Tjames              870   Ashrammix           80    Daynebacon          10   
      Thetoothlessrebel   735   Diablo10k           80    Deadheadgal         10   
      Sandestin           720   Hopefull            80    Dewdropdoodles      10   
      Leasha              650   Neodragonofdeath    80    Enlightener         10   
      Riverbloodmoon      635   NewPatriot          80    Flash3222           10   
      Pocethary           625   Abeldor             75    Golddigger          10   
      Skimmer             615   Falkus              75    Janzi05             10   
      Rattinger           580   Killboy25           75    Jeptha              10   
      Amface              525   Llanedern           75    Jmac10111           10   
      Isgrimnur           515   Sathos              75    Jondd19             10   
      Shadius             511   Countdown01234      70    Kalonis             10   
      Ebonheart           505   Reptile_hunter21    70    Lulz4life           10   
      Iosaeus             475   Bob                 65    Lusama              10   
      Outlawridaz         455   Cecil78             65    Maximillion         10   
      Nybro               425   Dragonus            65    Nookiebookie        10   
      Marren              415   Heliosus            65    Olde                10   
      Promqueen           415   Highspeed7          60    Pasalaqua           10   
      Theramminator       415   Ipsen               60    Phofighter          10   
      Monikajames         410   Rivalsquest         60    Rebel862            10   
      Onofre              405   Solidm14            60    SirLocke            10   
      Veldrin_quickblade  405   BrandonP85          55    Solartuna           10   
      Lucentius           400   Skybrune            55    Tripout420          10   
      Falingore           350   Ballbat             50    Xdiablox            10   
      Dogg                340   Charlie01           50    Austinpwrs          5    
      Decado99            315   Ckingsley22         50    Buzzkillb           5    
      Louiana             310   Epiweasle           50    Dagul               5    
      Deadheadz66         290   Lilah               50    Darktrator          5    
      Celticdark          275   Ozymandius          50    Drexian             5    
      Holypaladin         270   Telvanni_guard      50    Elecastorm          5    
      Mrnine              265   Vasilios            50    Fyrewind            5    
      Howied              260   Adolphushailstorm   45    Hitenter            5    
      Dewey               250   Kontra              45    Joshuacolbert       5    
      Biglouie            235   Pratsutagus         45    Lime                5    
      Carasius            230   Ravenlark           45    Mosteph             5    
      Cheops              225   Sillymonkey         45    Mr_unlucky          5    
      Diggory             225   Tlong               45    Nalryn              5    
      Belle               220   Cinabear            40    Palafox             5    
      Tredoan             220   Masterz             40    Pineapple_shoes     5    
      Carllake            215   Nawa                40    Rupert1             5    
      Lucky83             210   Fishy_fishstick     35    Sanskrista          5    
      Herdias             200   Patrickdtec         35    Schnikes630         5    
      Ilyria              200   Dragonion           30    Seidaku             5    
      Alteredbeast        195   Shamed              30    Shade               5    
      MOTORHEAD           190   Trsimmo             30    Splumlee87          5    
      Dragon1000          180   Valgar              30    Stonespyder         5    
      Ls107               180   Axle101             25    Tanner              5    
      Zenerai             170   Bek_levy            25    Wartmoney           5    
      Medieval_guy2001    165   Busby37             25    Xdrx                5    
      Viper1              165   Doritus             25    Yexriah             5    
      Felisin             150   Heinzius            25
      Game Master Sceadu


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        Reporting Bugged Items

        A couple of things that will help you and us resolved issues with bugged items:

        When reporting a bugged item that one of your characters has, please place that item in the character's bank account and leave it there until you have a reply to your report. If depositing the item in the bank is not an option, BE SURE TO KEEP THE ITEM ON THE CHARACTER until you get a reply to your report.

        If a shop is selling bugged items, please send your report in from the location of the shop in question.

        If you do NOT do these things when reporting, it makes it VERY difficult for us to track down the items in question and greatly delays any chance of having them fixed.
        Game Master Sceadu


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          Server Maintenance

          The TEC server will be taken down for a short time right after the 2pm EST backup on Wednesday (March 9th) for routine maintenance.
          Last edited by Sceadu; 03-09-2016, 03:18 AM.
          Game Master Sceadu


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            The maintenance to the server will be after this afternoon's (Wednesday) backup. Approximate down time will be 1 hour or less if all goes smoothly. We appreciate your patience.
            Game Master Sceadu


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              Due to technical difficulties, today's scheduled downtime has been moved to tomorrow (Thursday) at about noon (PT) - right after the backup. A reminder - this will be for about an hour (or less).
              Game Master Tale
              Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


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                On Wednesday (March 23), the game will be taken down from approximately 4 until 6:30 pm EST while the server is upgraded. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.
                Game Master Sceadu


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                  We created the KUDOS system to allow you to reward fellow players you felt had a positive impact on your playing experience. It has been brought to our attention that some players are using the system in a way it was never intended to be used; taking petty jabs and throwing insults at other players. Therefore, from this moment forward, the policy will be if you are reported for doing such a thing and we can verify it, you will lose your ability to participate in the KUDOS system at all. This means you will not only no longer be able to give kudos, you will also no longer be able to receive them.
                  Game Master Sceadu


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                    Top Ten Role-Players of the Year (2017)

                    Congratulations to Ginadana for being the top Role-Player of the Year! She will be receiving a free domus for the character of her choice.

                    Ginadana - 2460
                    Benjaminswords - 1830
                    Ekatarina - 1735
                    Decado99 - 1460
                    Emerald_dragon - 1455
                    Thetoothlessrebel -1265
                    TECForever - 1155
                    Dewey - 1131
                    TheDarknightX - 1016
                    Tecaddict - 865
                    Game Master Sceadu


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                      After consideration and discussion among the staff, we will soon be releasing four more Veteran Character packages above the current highest package of level 6. We will not be able to retroactively award these higher level packages for prior PC deaths. We are trying to move forward and offer our players more options in the future.
                      Game Master Sceadu


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                        Originally posted by Sceadu View Post
                        After consideration and discussion among the staff, we will soon be releasing four more Veteran Character packages above the current highest package of level 6. We will not be able to retroactively award these higher level packages for prior PC deaths. We are trying to move forward and offer our players more options in the future.

                        Friends, Countrymen, lend me your Role Points, for the now-available extended character packages:

                        * The package offered will be based off character age. (from the time of creation until the time of death).
                        * One month will be added to this age for every 250 Role Points spent on the character. (RPs counted are those directly spent on the character itself [description changes, stat increases, etc], not any spent on items, events or other.)
                        * The total number of months credited will be rounded to the nearest year.
                        Character Age Package Level
                        < Six Months None
                        Six Months to One Year Level 1 / 1000 RP
                        One to Two Years Level 2 / 2000 RP
                        Two to Three Years Level 3 / 3000 RP
                        Three to Four Years Level 4 / 4000 RP
                        Four to Five Years Level 5 / 8000 RP
                        Five to Six Years Level 6 / 10000 RP
                        Six to Seven Years Level 7 / 12500 RP
                        Seven to Eight Years Level 8 / 15000 RP
                        Eight to Nine Years Level 9 / 17500 RP
                        Nine or more Years Level 10 / 20000 RP
                        To remind everyone what each level includes:

                        *Package(Cost)* |*GSPs* |*Credits* |*Wealth* |*Stats* |*Extras*|
                        1. (1000 rps) | 250 | 10 | 5t | 10 | None |
                        2. (2000 rps) | 500 | 20 | 10t | 15 | None |
                        3. (3000 rps) | 750 | 30 | 15t | 20   | None |
                        4. (4000 rps) | 1000 | 40 | 20t | 25 | Makeover |
                        5. (8000 rps) | 1500 | 80 | 40t | 30 | Makeover |
                        6. (10000 rps) | 2000 | 100 | 50t | 40 | Makeover and custom item |
                        7. (12500 rps)  | 2500  | 125           | 60t           | 50     | Makeover and custom item |
                        8. (15000 rps)  | 3000  | 150           | 70t           | 60     | Makeover and two custom items |
                        9. (17500 rps)  | 3500  | 175           | 80t           | 70     | Makeover and two custom items |
                        10.(20000 rps)  | 4000  | 200           | 90t           | 80     | Makeover and two custom items |
                        GM Scolve


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                          Hi Folks:

                          With the new Veteran Character Packages, and the increase in available Veteran Character Credits, we've increased the number of options for things you can buy with them!
                          1. You can now spend your Veteran Character Credits (VCCs) on additional Attribute Increase Points!
                            Take one step west from the attribute store and use 'buy' to purchase them at 25 VCCs each.
                          2. Those of you who choose to roll a foreigner can now spend your VCCs on Iridinian Citizenship!
                            At the low cost of 20 VCCs, you will be granted Citizenship in the greatest country of all of Midlight, with official paperwork filed to the Records Office automatically!
                            One step upwards and one step south from the main Veteran Character Lobby will take you to the Citizenship Store!
                          3. You can now also spend your VCCs on additional skill slots!
                            Rolled Abysmal reasoning but want to use Combat Maneuvers AND a weapon?
                            Skill slots 1-5 cost 5 VCCs each.
                            Skill slots 6 - 10 cost 10 VCCs each.
                            Each skill slot past 10 costs its number in VCCs (11, 12, 13, etc).
                            One step west of the Citizenship store, and you can buy as many skill slots as you need, provided you've got enough VCCs.
                          4. Those skill slots won't do you much good without skills to fill them with!
                            You can buy Skill Points for any already-known skills with your VCCs!
                            For each VCC spent, you will receive 15 Skill Points in the skill of your choosing!
                            Note that you can only inject these skill points into already-known skills, so make sure you've used up your GSP before spending VCCs here!
                            One spot up and one spot north of the main Veteran Character Lobby, you'll find the Veteran Character Skill SP Store!
                          5. Finally, (for today), there's always... Cold. Hard. Cash.
                            If you find yourself short a few denars, or holding onto some spare VCCs while you've already got your faceplate and superior weapon ready...
                            You can purchase direct deposits to your new character's Seneda's Bank Account, at the rate of 2.5t (two talents, seven hundred eighty-one denars, and one sterce) per VCC spent.
                            Just take one step east of the Veteran Character Skill SP Store to get some of those denar denar coins, y'all.

                          Note: This is not the full extent of the additional purchases under consideration. We will be evaluating future potential purchases after this month's event on the island has taken place! Keep your eyes out!
                          GM Scolve


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                            BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

                            One pace north of the Veteran Character Skill SP Store, we now have the Veteran Character Language Store! Purchase fluency in the character-generator-available language of your choice!

                            50 Ranks in any of the available languages will cost 15 VCCs. You will not be able to purchase languages your character already knows, or those languages which require in-game or story investment to acquire.

                            As with the other new VCC stores, you can use 'buy' at the location for more information!
                            GM Scolve


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                              While we're enjoying the uptick in player activity, I feel it's time to remind everyone of the proper use of ways to contact the staff as the use of PROCLAIM is becoming overwhelming at times.

                              If there is currently something affecting your game play you may PROCLAIM the word "emergency" or ring the bell west of the main Welcome Area room and if a staff member is available they will contact you. Please limit these types of contact for EMERGENCY purposes only as this option will pull GMs away from what they are currently working on to answer. If a player abuses this option for non-emergency purposes their ability to use it may be restricted.

                              If there you find a bug within the game, please @REPORT (from the location of said bug, if applicable) with as much detail as possible and it will be looked into.

                              If you are requesting a RP expenditure that requires GM intervention or have a question that requires a back and forth interaction, please send in an @REQUEST. Although we try to reply to @REQUEST as soon as possible, please remember that by policy on turn-around time for RP expenditure request is 30 days.

                              If you wish to give general thoughts or feedback that does not require a response please use @FEEDBACK.

                              In addition to the above, you may email if there is something that does not fall into these categories.

                              Game Master Sceadu


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                                We’ve had a large influx of players and we appreciate your votes and referrals that have contributed to that. This influx has caused some communication issues that we’ve had to address (most of you are aware of the recent revert of the proclaim command). We have since had to take steps regarding the GM bell in the Welcome area since some used this to get around the proclaim restrictions. While we enjoy chatting with players from time to time the non-emergency proclaims and bell rings has hindered some of the staff in the work they are doing on the game. That being said, I believe it is time to remind people what communication methods we have and when they should be used.

                                PROCLAIM: This should be used in emergency situations ONLY or if a GM has contacted you first via PROCLAIM. If there is something currently affecting your gameplay or it’s an extremely time sensitive mater feel free to proclaim the word EMERGENCY and if a staff member is available they will respond to you.

                                WELCOME AREA BELL: If you have an important issue that requires real time GM attention, this is the option for you.

                                @REPORT: If you run across a bug but it is not restricting your gameplay, choose this option.

                                @REQUEST: This is the option that should be your go-to for most situations. If you have a non-automated Role Point expenditure request, want to request a meeting with a GMNPC, feel the need to request a PK, want to request a special event for an org, or have a question that requires an answer, this is the option to choose. This allows the player and staff to keep a running dialog that is easily referenced if needed. Please keep in mind that RP expenditure request have a standard turn-around time of 30 days (though most get filled MUCH more quickly these days).

                                SGPROCLAIM: If you are working with a Story Guide during an event or are contacted by a Story Guide first, then this is your option.

                                AUXCHAT: If you have an OOC question about the game the Auxilii is there to help new and old players alike.

                                @FEEDBACK: If you’d like to leave a general comment for the GM staff that you do not expect a reply to, this is your option.

                                @SGFEEDBACK: If you’d like to leave a general comment for the SG staff (they really like hearing when you’ve enjoyed their events), then this is your option.

                                While we dislike restricting players’ communication options, please keep in mind that abuse of any of these forms of communication can result in loss of that option or an outright ban of staff communication entirely.
                                Game Master Sceadu



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