SkotOS Downtown: Wednesday, 11am-1pm PT

I am scheduling a downtime for all SkotOS machines from 11am-1pm PT on Wednesday.
  • Marrach will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Lazarus (and Lovecraft) will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Ironclaw will (hopefully) be going down to tune its performance
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  • Sceadu
    We have made a change to the policy concerning the awarding of Veteran Character packages for characters that have been PK’d. This policy change will NOT be retroactive. The following is now the current formula for determining what level package will be offered:

    *The package offered will be based off character age. (from the time of creation until the time of death).
    *One month will be added to this age for every 250 Role Points spent on the character. (RPs counted are those directly spent on the character itself [description changes, stat increases, etc], not any spent on items, events or other.)
    *The total number of months credited will be rounded to the nearest year.

    Less than 6 months..... None
    6mo - 1yr..... Level 1
    1yr - 2yr..... Level 2
    2yr - 3yr..... Level 3
    3yr – 4yr….. Level 4
    4yr – 5yr….. Level 5
    5yr and over….. Level 6

    To remind everyone what each level includes:
    *Package(Cost)*	|*GSPs*	|*Credits*	|*Wealth*	|*Stats* |*Extras*|
    1. (1000 rps) 	| 250 	| 10 		| 5t 		| 10 	 | None |
    2. (2000 rps) 	| 500 	| 20 		| 10t 		| 15 	 | None |
    3. (3000 rps) 	| 750 	| 30 		| 15t 		| 20  	 | None |
    4. (4000 rps) 	| 1000 	| 40 		| 20t 		| 25 	 | Makeover |
    5. (8000 rps) 	| 1500 	| 80 		| 40t 		| 30 	 | Makeover |
    6. (10000 rps) 	| 2000 	| 100 		| 50t 		| 40 	 | Makeover and custom item |
    Last edited by Kneller; 04-18-2012, 04:14 PM. Reason: cleaned up table

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  • Tale
    The Iridine Library

    The Iridine Library is now open. There are a few things you should be aware of going in:
    • You may not enter with anything deemed a weapon.
    • You may not destroy, damage, or leave with library materials or property.
    • Violance is not tolerated.
    • Although open, there are still many additions & projects yet to be released!
    • "Seach shelf" or "search shelf for <word>" to find reading material.
    • There are as many shelves as there are different subject catagories.
    • Put library materials back on the shelf or drop them anywhere & an attendent will collect them.
    • The Patrician Lounge is for Patricians only.
    • The box in front of the library is for library material donations. After review, approved work will be added to the shelves.
    • There is no current list of what all resides on each shelf, but that will probably change, eventually. For now, we encourage word-of-mouth to find good leads on what to search for.

    As always, please @report any bugs, @ request any suggestions, @kudos any authors, & @feedback any feedback you feel appropriate.

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  • Sceadu
    More Character Slots!!!

    We are currently working on a new option to purchase character slots at a cost of 10000 role points per slot. You will see the option in the menu to spend role points at this time but it is currently unavailable. We expect this option to be available within the next week or so. An announcement will be made in "Minor Changes" when this option becomes available.

    You may also notice that the menu to spend role points has slightly changed to use numbers instead of random letters. This was done in an attempt to help solve confusion on both the players' and coders' end of things.

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  • Sceadu
    I was hoping I’d not have to remind players of this, but due to a couple of recent incidents it seems some need reminding. Intolerance of others due to sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical appearance, birth defects, etc. will NOT be tolerated. If anyone is found guilty of harassing another player because of any of the above reasons, their account will immediately be closed. Hate speech, in any form, will NOT be tolerated. Bullying (outside of in character interactions) will NOT be tolerated.

    This is a policy that will be enforced regardless of your account status (freebie, basic, or premium). TEC is a game for mature players. This means everyone here should be mature enough that I shouldn’t have to be making post such as this.

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  • Sceadu
    Everyone that had a paid account for the months of January and February of this year has been awarded 500 role points due to the issues we experienced last weekend. Thank you for being patient with us while we worked through those issues.

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  • Sceadu
    It has recently come to my attention that the filling of custom item request while I was away was discontinued. I plan on reinstating this in the very near future. This will be the new policy dealing with custom items in the future. This policy may be updated if a need becomes apparent any time in the future.

    Custom item policy

    No custom weapon will be created that does more damage or is faster than any weapon that currently exists in game. Weapons created will conform to the standard ‘rules’ that currently exist for weapons of the same type in game. (ie: A custom iron gladius won’t be any faster than any other iron gladius)

    No custom armor will be created that is lighter or protects more than any existing armor in game (shields are included in this).

    Short names (names seen when wielding/wearing) will be kept to a minimum (preferably no more than 4 words). Descriptions when looked at can be as elaborate as needed.

    Items that may have existed in the past that no longer exist in game may be denied due to balance or bug issues.

    The staff has the right to refuse any custom item request.

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