My housemate's modem blew this week, so my home access has been cut off for the past couple of days.

The modem should be back up and running as soon as she's available to replace it, as early as tonight, but in the meantime I'll have to put what was planned for this weekend (including a trial tonight) on hold until I can get my access restored.

On top of that, my computer's had its own issues lately and my OS attempts to do system restores on about 70% of startups. I'm hoping to fix the issue myself, but I may have to end up taking the machine in to have it dealt with (and give it some much-needed upgrades while I'm at it.)

The other GMs are already aware of this, and if I can't get this sorted out in the next few days, I'll bug one of them to cover the trial and one or two other things until I can get back.

Apologies for the inconveniences and I'll see you all soon!