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The Nehal Village

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  • The Nehal Village

    Communication is difficult, so here is the basics:
    • When trading things for tokens, you need to nod to Borkos to get your change.
    • When picking up your order from the taxidermist, you tell him, "Pick Up".
    • To enter the village, you give the entry gift to the gate guard. If you have people following you, and they want to enter as well, give him a sack containing one required item for each person. Alternatively, if you've learned Blackroot, you can speak it and tell him the entry phrase. The entry phrase is one that the Blackroot tutor uses to train you.
    • The Tutor for Spoken Blackroot lives in the town of Rock Valley. Knock on his rune-painted door to be offered lessons.
    • The steam hut is available to everyone for free and is superb for regaining fatigue.
    • Borkos, who buys things for tokens doesn't like outsiders. He will buy a lot of different things like tools, certain weapons, certain armor, certain basic tailored clothing items, etc for a pitance, but is most interested in quality items, Aziri Fetishes and Lokeen Armbands, as well as tears (nightmare tears included).
    • More persuasive people will naturally be able to wheedle better exchange rates from Borkos.

    There are a lot of things about the village that haven't seen heavy use in a long time. Please @report any issues, bugs, or problems with "Nehal" somewhere in the title so they can be found and addressed easily.
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