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OOC Combat Testing and Tournament Play

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  • OOC Combat Testing and Tournament Play

    As some of you have noticed, there's a new area down the stairwell at the GM desk in the welcome area. This is a testing facility with some infrastructure set up for systematic PvP combat simulations and data-collection. We put it through some testing just now with a volunteer group of players, and it held up.

    Not to mention, the volunteer players reported having a good deal of fun with it.

    As such, we will be moving forward with systematic combat testing via regular OOC tournaments. How does this work?
    • On scheduled evenings, I will be running round robin tournaments. Each participant will be assigned a melee weapon skill set via random draw.
    • Each fight in this tournament will produce valuable and detailed data, available for both GM and player perusal. This is handled automatically by script.
    • Because of extensive script infrastructure, match assignments, pairings, equipment, and skills are all handled automatically. This is the closest TEC will come to casual arena play between evenly-matched combatants. All fights in a round are conducted simultaneously in separate arenas. Viewing rooms connected to the WA allow WA personas to walk in and watch ongoing matches.
    • At the end of the testing period, projected to last a few weeks, I will compile and analyze all the collected data. In addition, frequent participants and those with the highest overall win counts will receive a medley of WA prizes and some role points to spend.

    So, how does one participate?
    • Create either a Beta character or a throw-away normal character. Be prepared to lose this character, as he or she will never return to the gameworld again. Rolled stats, skills and traits do not matter.
    • On scheduled testing dates, assemble at the GM help desk. When the time for testing rolls around, I'll make an accounting of who's interested and queue you all up for testing. An even number of players is ideal, so bring a partner if possible.

    The first official tournaments / testing phases are tentatively scheduled for this Saturday, at 4PM and 9PM EST.

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    Menu panels are now available in each of the viewing areas. Interacting with these panels will recall records of past fights which occurred in the associated arena. Feel free to walk in and peruse the data. As always, @report any bugs.


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      Thank you to those who participated in this weekend's events. We had a lot of participants, producing a lot of fights and a lot of data. And, reportedly, a great deal of fun. Those who could not make it can walk down from the welcome area and review fights / data at any time.

      Watch out for future tournament sessions during this week and next weekend.

      These tournaments are part of ongoing league play. Wins and loss records will be maintained for this season, labeled unimaginatively as "Season One." Prizes will be as follows.

      Season One Prizes:
      • Top Place - A custom retalq weapon for a character of their choice.
      • Top Five - An Aestivan Hoplon delivered to a character of their choice.
      • All Participants - A WA doodad and a Role Point Reward.

      Season One will likely last several weeks.