Downtimes: June 24 - July 2nd

We've got another batch of shutdowns coming in late June and early July, so that the machines can be repaired for the newest bug, the ZombieLoad CPU bug.

In general, the Genesis games (Grendel, TEC, TEC-Test) all have reboots scheduled for the absolute middle of the night, so I'll be taking each down the previous evening at midnight and bringing them back up the next morning at 9am.

The SkotOS games have always been more robust about reboots, so we'll let them reboot on their own, though there's some chance for an ~2 hour data loss. In any case, I'll be checking them after the 2-hour window when I can, though Marrach has a middle-of-the-night reboot, so that'll be the next morning.

The UserDB and Web reboots will cause some downtime for the entire site, but again they will hopefully come up cleanly.


- Shutdown Grendel (late Sunday 6/23)

- Startup Grendel (early Monday 6/24)

- Shutdown TEC (late Monday 6/24)

- Startup TEC (early Tuesday 6/25)

- Check TEC Client (9pm Tuesday 6/25)

- Shutdown TEC-Test (late Thursday 6/27)

- Startup TEC-Test (Friday 6/28)


- Marrach (Monday early morning 6/24)

- Ironclaw (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Lovecraft, Lazarus (Monday 8pm-10pm 7/2)


- UserDB (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Web (Sunday 9pm-11pm 6/30)
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    Official Senate Decree

    Let it be known throughout the republic that the Senate has decreed that all militias will now be assisted by from this time forward by the Consuls of the Legion in the management of their leadership. The Consuls may delegate this function to their subordinates as they see fit. This decree does not give the legion the power to issue orders to the militias unless a state of emergency has been declared by the Senate. During a state of emergency, the leaders of each militia shall report to the Consuls or their representative to receive orders in assisting in such emergency. At this time, the Senate recognizes these organizations as official militias; The Blackvine Militia, the Monlon Volunteer Guard, and the Traevant Miltia.
    Game Master Sceadu