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  • Tale
    Also, the ship for Franlius docks in Iridine's harbor. Aside from the Soldier(s) gathered there, you'll find a sailor. Ask him about the SHIP, and he'll estimate where the ship is currently, so you can judge whether to wait, or run any final errands before departing.

    [And in case you missed the General Announcement, today started the first "Bonus RP Weekend", and everyone's rate of RP gain has been doubled for 48 hours, to commemorate the release of Franlius.]
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  • Tale
    started a topic Franlius!



    Help The War Effort

    The Cinerans are invading. They control the city north of the river, but Iridine's illustrious Legion has them boxed in. Past the bridge, soldiers will let you know if they've got a section covered and direct you elsewhere [tiered areas are loosely restricted by rank, so that your skills are put to use where they are needed, and no one is a one-man killing-machine at lower level tiers].

    Every enemy soldier has a rank in their army, and it's proudly displayed on their left arm with a signifying armband. Take it from them as proof of your victory! [turn them into a local NPC for credit to gain reputation].

    The Refugee Camp has a steady stream of the poor, the worn-torn, and the down-trodden from the destroyed and enemy occupied sections of the city. A tent with plenty of cots for resting, a campfire, etc. A local blacksmith has set up in a shack nearby to repair shields, doing his part to help the war effort, and using the profits to help the needy. A leader of the refugee community repurposed a nearby warehouse to collect donations for the refugees and distribute the items to those that need them. Meat and foraged roots for a harty nightly stew for the needy, clean, freshly-made clothing, and simple weapons a forester might craft to help keep them safe and let them protect themselves. Donating needed things does not go unnoticed and would serve to bolster your reputation within the community.

    Fama's Imports is a prominent shop, recently established. Hired by the brass of the Legion, Fama and her two assistants are doing a brisk business getting supplies you can't find elsewhere to those helping the war effort. You'll have to build a good reputation to be offered the opportunity to avail yourself of certain stock and services. [All the NPCs in that building will tell you about each-other if you ask about them by name, as well as keywords like 'Reputation' - from there, their dialogue points should be obvious].

    The Situation

    The northern part of the city is sectioned off into four quadrants where the Cinerans are pinned-down for the moment. The docks, on the far west side of the northwest corner is the worst. Word of mouth is that the best mercenaries that Cineran coin could buy are holding the dock to keep supply lines open, and everyone agrees that not even the best of what Iridine has to offer in terms of fighting men and women should venture there alone.

    Reports that individuals going in to help fight sometimes don't come back. The Cinerans are taking prisoners of opportunity, and though a route into their territory has been found to rescue these POWs, not all have made it out in time. Everyone agrees that if you don't want to risk getting captures, you should always fight as a team and not take the risk (unless you know a locksmith that doesn't mind dangerous behind-enemy-lines missions to drag your broken body through a sewer full of venomous reptiles).

    If you're unsure where you can be the most use, or want to get the lay of the land, you can speak to someone in Legion for directions, landmarks, or direct you to where the best use of your weapon might be.

    The Breakdown
    • 6 new hunting grounds.
    • SP bonus goes up the more difficult the opponent. So fighting the hardest npcs you can handle nets you the most experience.
    • Some of the most advanced enemy AI in the game.
    • Unique loot not found elsewhere.
    • POW mechanics as well as a system in place to allow their rescue.
    • A functional and dynamic reputation system.
    • The ability to actively use the reputation gained.
    • The highest training teacher for Knives and Cineran Knife Fighting.
    • Functional Hospice with healing missions.
    • Working Pyre for the fallen.
    • Functional resting areas. Both for bathing and for sleeping.
    • A shrine of Ereal to pray for salvation.
    • Unique NPCs with dialogue explaining what each of them do.
    • A shop that sells (depending on your reputation) desirable stock you can't buy elsewhere IG.
    • The long-awaited return of weapon reforging.

    The Cinerans started this bloody war. It's up to Iridinians to finish it.

    Welcome to Franlius.
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