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  • Tale
    The Village of Seld is Now Open!

    Seld Release Notes

    With the opening of the gates of the idyllic fishing village of Seld, new opportunities, jobs, experiences, etc await you. A notable few such would be...
    • The Blue Breakwater Inn is now once again open for business to the public at large. Having completed recent renovations, the long-term guests (many of the locals) have moved to the newly-built third floor, meaning that the entire first and second floors are now available to rent to anyone. Yay, tourism!
    • Shops ahoy! Various Seld shops contain new items (and old staples needed for any respectable village) on offer. Shop til you drop, baby!
    • Experience the unique Seld culture with new foods, local small-batch alcohols, and some entirely unique local culinary experiences as well!
    • Haggle in the local fish market where the type of fish matter much less than the size of your catch. Be rewarded for superior angling skills...or be disappointed in your profits because size really does matter!
    • Do honest work and get honest pay. Help the local bait and tackle shop keep up on its net repairs for compensation, or help tend Seld's hastily made veggie garden plot that has to take up the slack for all the small farms and farmers that died in recent bandit raids and be paid for honest labor.
    • For the more bloodthirsty yet helpful types, the garden has various pests that can be slaughtered as well (for the good of the village, of course) and you can be compensated in that way instead.
    • Take home a new friend after buying some of the local favorites in terms of small pets, such as vibrantly colorful minnows, snails, and even tiny eels!
    • In response to the village losing local economic wealth to bandit raids, the entrepreneurial owners of the Blue Breakwater Inn opened their own bank to serve to centrilize and protect the local coinage. Although privately owned by non-patricians, it is trusted by the local villagers even more so than the 'fancy banks in the big cities'.
    • Take a quick on-demand trip to Franlius on the paid wagon just up the road from the Blue Breakwater Inn. With local accommodations, cuisine, trading economy, banking services, and ready work to help pay for it all, you might even find your war efforts served better by taking an extended stay in this prime staging area to the war front. Return trips from Franlius are also now available at the other end.
    • Sell all your metal scraps and trophies hauled back from Franlius at Seld's local blacksmith shop. Being the villages only two blacksmiths, one sibling will buy tin, bronze, as well as iron to keep up with the village's needs in terms of metal stock. Her brother specializes in...special requests (find out IG - muahaha!).
    • Train under some of the republics finest and most prolific trainers for various skills!
    • Try your hand at new bounties! Armbands for the notorious BHC bandits (and the collars of their hounds) are now being accepted in return for access to special stock you can't get anywhere else in Iridine! There's even a board to keep track of the most prolific bounty hunters!
    • Do good works! If murdering bandits isn't your thing, earn credit at the bounty shop by donating Mined Metal Ore to help get Seld back on its metaphorical feet after the recent bandit siege.
    • Walk to and From the Seld Village Square with the new 'walk-to' routes from the Crossroads and Blackvine (or back!) via the new 'Seld Square' mark point.
    Other Gameworld Changes
    • Along with the release of the Seld trainers, other trainers in the gameworld have had their ranks raised to match, giving everyone the opportunity to train to be a bad mo-fo. Big hint - the retired heavy-hitters tend to like their peace and quiet, and are usually found as far from big city life as they can get.
    • The Newbie Welfare Office has had its rank limit raised by 50%. Instead of being restricted to people with a total of 200 ranks, the restriction has been raised to 300 total ranks.
    • "Newbie Creatures" like the ones features on Signaltower Island have had their combat rank limit (responsible for making more powerful characters kill them in a single blow because they're no longer considered 'newbies' and should move to a real hunting ground) raised by 25%

    Important Note: Please @report bugs as you find them. We can only catch so many ourselves without you guys doing your thing. Bugs will be handled as soon as we can get to them. I'm certain there are a few here and there.

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  • Tale
    The Officium de Humanitas
    • This is a new tent structure whose entrance is just west of The Stone Toga Inn.
    • The Officium de Humanitas (hereafter referred to by me as 'Od'H) offers a host of 'lowbie' and 'newbie' gear, as well as commonly requested mundane and consumable items.
    • Items on offer include basic weapons, basic non-com training items, basic armor, consumables like torches, oil flasks, food rations, and more.
    • The items on offer are dirt cheap, but the shops are set up like other 'Reputation Shops', where you unlock stock options with more reputation.
    • Reputation is gained via several means. Kill newbie-friendly critters and turn in the new gastrolith stones in their stomachs, do community work like net mending, flour milling, delivering crates, and similar tasks, turn in meat you've skinned or fish you've caught, or turn in items you have crafted yourself.
    • The turn-in person is a priest in the Revealing Light sect, so he'll know if it wasn't you that caught that fish or whittled that figurine, and won't accept anything from you that was caught, skinned, mined, or crafted by someone else.
    • Combat and Non-Combat trainers are available that cost no money whatsoever - they train on the credit you earn with your good reputation at the OhD.
    • The area is restricted to people under 200 total ranks, as the items here truly are dirt cheap and we can't allow highly-skilled people to wreck the economy by farming fluvitar pups by one-shotting them and turning in their stones for dirt cheap loricas to sell second-hand and the like.
    • However, but Aux and Constables have access to the area itself (if not the services within) in order to do their respective jobs.

    Other (Related) Newbie Friendly Changes
    • New characters selecting the Hunting skill now gain Pole Fishing as a starting skill (on top of Basic Skinning and Deadfall Snares).
    • New characters now start with 5 ranks in the basics of their Primary skill (10 if they choose the same skill twice).
    • "The Alleys" are now home to the younger generation of thugs and brutes, as the old ones have wised up and keep to the coastal alleys now. The young ones are not as skilled, but just as cocky!
    • All versions of thugs and brutes had their loot tweaked to now actually be various amounts of profitable and not a waste of time and energy.
    • All versions of thugs and brutes (as well as RV Footpads) have been adjusted so they only try to run away when they're literally on death's door.
    • "Newbie Critters" like those found on the island have been adjusted. The rank limit where they'd begin to die in one shot has been raised by 60%
    • The 'Help' command now provides a link to the UnOfficial Wiki at the bottom of every page (or on your game client screen if you're using a game client where Help Files are given via pop-ups). There is a disclaimer that the wiki is not -game- supported, but instead provided and maintained entirely by dedicated players.
    • You'll notice most 'newbie-friendly' and 'lowbie-friendly' critters will have small pebbles in their stomachs that are worth very little to gem buyers. These can be turned into the Officium de Humanitas for credit towards their services. A full list of what can be turned in for credit (and what else you can do for credit) is posted in the registry office inside the tent in question behind Priest Neathius.
    • The discounted Ludus Trainer now teaches to rank 60/40 in his limited selection as well instead of rank 25/10 as he used to.

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  • Tale
    • Previously, the adjectives you pick at the end of character generation some were set to give a net zero result where the positive impact in one stat was equal to the negative impact in another stat. All such adjectives have been adjusted so that they all now give a net positive effect on stats as a whole. Now every adjective is worth taking, depending on how you combine them and what you're looking to achieve.
    • The wording on National-Specific Traits have been cleaned up in the section of the chargen when it details what national advantages you are getting, and the descriptions were made clearer so as to be more reflective of their effects IG. Example: Safelands now gives you you 'Outdoor Survival' instead of using the old name of 'Outdoor Basics', etc.
    • Automatic National Traits (Example: Cineran's Blade Mastery, or Parcine's Battle Cry) will no longer count against you when selecting traits. You still benefit (or suffer...looking at you Safeland's Aversion to Violence) from your National traits, but you have this opens up a 3rd trait slot for several nationalities that they were barred from having before. This does not effect the national traits you can select for free like Smooth Tongue, or Diciplined Mind - these will still take up a Positive Trait slot. Only the automaticly assigned traits don't take up a positive trait slot.
    • Previously, Remath and the Safelands were the only two nationalities that didn't have a 'Free Skill' option when selecting additional national benefits, forcing you to eat up a trait slot on one of the traits on offer. This is no longer the case. Remathens can now select 'Locksmithing' for free, and Safelanders can now select 'Hunting' for free.
    • Racial stat modifiers have been re-balanced. Except for Safelanders, who have always received a slight bump (thanks to having the only negative automatic trait), all nationalities now give the same net positive. This does not mean that the choices give you the same bonuses and detriments. Only that Race Y no longer has a clearly superior bonus than Race X. One nationality may be stronger and even more empathetic but terribly uncharismatic and not very agile, while another nationality may be somewhat faster or more agile as well as a bit more perceptive, but exhibit slightly less strength, willpower or judgment (note: these are only examples). Each race was adjusted to play a bit more to the history/lore, but still be balanced against all the others. And as I stated, they all give a balanced net positive result if you add up all the modifiers (both positive and negative).

    Note 1: None of these changes are or will ever be made retroactive in any way. These changes represent the new standard moving forward. These balances have been discussed and reviewed by the staff and we've agreed that this is a very large step in the right direction to correct some imbalances and keep things more fair and balanced for the future.

    Note 2: Requests or petitions for rerolling any already-rolled characters will also be denied.

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  • Scolve
    Originally posted by Scolve View Post

    Apologies folks, but something slipped through in our testing for this feature, and we're disabling the free VC1 for now. I will be investigating what is causing the breakage at a time that is not 2 AM locally.
    This issue has (finally) been fixed!

    An addendum that Free Veteran Characters are currently disabled from spending their VC Credits on additional coin, though all other VC Lobby Purchases are available to these characters. Any VC which has been purchased with Role Points or a VC Credit will have access still.

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  • Scolve
    Originally posted by Sceadu View Post
    From this point forward, level 1 Veteran Character packages will be free for premium accounts.

    (EDIT) Note from GM Tale:It shouldn't have to be stated, but if anyone abuses the free VC1 privilege to funnel VC money to other characters or into the game world with the intention of retrieving it with another character later, they'll lose the privilege immediately (possibly of every rolling any VCs) and more than likely irrevocably. So...don't.
    Apologies folks, but something slipped through in our testing for this feature, and we're disabling the free VC1 for now. I will be investigating what is causing the breakage at a time that is not 2 AM locally.

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  • Sceadu
    From this point forward, level 1 Veteran Character packages will be free for premium accounts.

    (EDIT) Note from GM Tale:It shouldn't have to be stated, but if anyone abuses the free VC1 privilege to funnel VC money to other characters or into the game world with the intention of retrieving it with another character later, they'll lose the privilege immediately (possibly of every rolling any VCs) and more than likely irrevocably. So...don't.
    Last edited by Tale; 12-31-2018, 10:48 PM.

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  • Sceadu
    The @vote command has been re-purposed. If you are using the Alice or the new Orchil client and use the @vote command it will pop up a window to allow you to vote for The Eternal City at Top Mud Sites. If you are using one of the other clients it will give you the URL you need to go to to vote. Since your vote at TMS is only counted once per day the command will keep up with when you last voted and let you know.

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  • Tale
    Quartz Heights!

    Quarts Heights is open for business! Located south of the harbor and southwest of the sandbar, QH's central area is Emerald Square. From there, thoroughfares branch out into smaller streets lines with shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, gardens, and more. From The Labyrinth Garden & Tower to the Boardwalk, QH has a little something for everyone. (This is the release of the first half of Quarts Heights. The other half will be released at a later date). You're free to explore and enjoy...
    • 60+ brand new shops.
    • New cloth types for Tailors to work with.
    • New item archetypes with new functionality. (Charm bracelets, hanging kitchen racks, and more!)
    • New crowds with new atmospheres & echoes.
    • New landmarks (Emerald Square, The QH Boardwalk, The Hanging Garden Tower, and more).
    • New low-end hunting area to bridge the difficulty gap between The Sewers & The Pits.
    • New newbie (low-end) income sources ("Search" while at a refuse pile - generally found in or near alleys near large thoroughfares).
    • Several new roadside shrines.
    • Several new park areas.
    • New fishable areas.
    • New 'unique stock' (stock rotates periodically with new items) semi-custom item shops. (Including the return of Belhrad!)
    • New 'services' shops that allow you to customize certain objects.
    • New secret areas to explore.
    • New areas with secret functionalities to discover.
    • Shops whose continued stock depends on players selling said stock to the shopkeep (i.e. the artisanal butcher shop)
    • New 'general' Mark Points* for Emerald Square (The center hub of Quartz Heights) and The Temple of the Morning Light (Type 'Mark' to list your mark points. And 'walk to <mark>' to walk there).

    *The easiest way to find a path to Emerald Square is to walk to The Temple of the Morning first, much like you first 'walk to Vetallun Road' before you 'walk to Vetallun Crossroads')

    The area is, frankly, ginormous. So there will be typos and little bugs. As always, please @report any and all problems, bugs, typos, and inconsistencies you might find. The area is not only huge, but some of it was built in the 90's, (hence my stressing inconsistencies) Because we expect you (the playerbase) will find them all very quickly, we ask that you preface them ALL as "QH <problem>" when writing the bug title so we can sort them quickly and fix them efficiently.
    Last edited by Tale; 10-03-2015, 11:04 PM.

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  • Tale
    Economy Update

    • Attributes and Traits have been adjusted slightly so that the gap between the lowest you can possibly get, and the highest you could possibly get for any given item has been shortened.
    • Non-brokers will see a noticeable increase in loot worth when selling.
    • The minimum worth of everything you can sell has doubled (increased by a minimum of 100%), and most people who got the minimum before get better than the minimum now.
    • This change helps newbies more than anyone, as they don't know how to 'work the system' and shouldn't become as frustrated at not being able to earn money properly when starting off.
    • Brokers will see a slight decrease in their maximum prices. ("Max price broker prices" decreased by about only 11% in total)
    • Not all previous "top end" brokers will get the maximum prices anymore, as the criteria for "top end" has been fine-tuned to not be as easy as simply picking the correct traits and choosing adjectives like "beautiful" and "charming". Good chargen rolls after such planning, however, can still net you a "top-end" broker.
    • You can now actually become a top-end broker, by increasing your 'brokering attributes' to appropriate levels. (Increasing non-com stats is currently only a story-point purchasable options).

    In simple terms, if an Item could be sold for 100 denars by Gullible Uggo, but sold for 900 denars by Charming McHottie, Uggo would now be able to sell that same item for at least 200 denars, while McHottie could only sell it for 800 at most.

    NPC Buyers

    All NPC buyers that buy items that they sell in their stock are now stocked dynamically. Meaning, the Staff will stock them the first time, but all stock after that will be entirely dependent on players selling that item to the NPC. A prime example would be Sesquiculus. Every torch he buys adds +1 to the amount of torches he has to sell. If he runs out and no one sells him any more...he will just be out of stock until someone does.

    There are not many items this applies to at the moment, but now that the mechanics for player-restocking have been coded, more can easily be added in the future. (Future examples could be armor made with Leatherworking)
    Last edited by Tale; 07-29-2015, 10:52 AM.

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  • Tale
    Action & Command Updates
    • You now require Hunter Tipping Lore in order to tip arrows with arrowheads, OR be Practiced in Archery, and know at least 1 rank in both Craft Arrow & Survival Knapping. This is done with the “Fasten” command and this change cannot be undone.
    • With Hunter Tipping Lore, OR if you are Familiar with Spears, and Practiced in Craft Spear, you can now fasten Spearheads to player-crafted wooden spears. The quality of the spearhead CAN alter the quality of the spear once fastened. This is done with the “Fasten” command and this change cannot be undone.
    • With Hunter Tipping Lore, OR if you are Familiar with One-Handed Crushing, and practiced in Craft Club, you can now fasten various spikes to player-crafted clubs. It requires a handful of spikes to do so. This is done with the “Fasten” command and this change cannot be undone.
    • If you know Survival Cordage Lore, you can use the “Cord” command on rope items to produce cordages, a new material required for certain actions and crafting skills. Cord <rope item>.

    NPC Updates
    • Krimalus is an old woodsman that lives in a cave off a hidden cove (affectionately known as “Krim’s Cove”), north of the North Woods (Also known as Coastal Woods, Oak Forest, etc - The forest north of the obstacle courses that are north of the carcass buyer). Perhaps if you do something for him in exchange, he'll be willing to share his knowledge with you, for the standard fees. (Simply tell him you want training and he’ll explain how to receive it – once he’ll train you, you can type “Train” to see what Skills he teaches, and “Train Lore” to see what Lores he teaches). Once you’ve gotten him to train you via a favor, you’ll find he doesn’t charge quite as much as most trainers.
    • Normal woodsie trainers like Fern and Tauruu now also train some new skills, such as the Survival Foraging skill, the Craft Fishing Pole skill, and the Craft Basic Axe skill.
    • However, only Krimalus currently teaches the new skills Survival Weaving, Whittling, Ursine Hunting, and Goat Hunting. He is also the only one that teaches the new Lores: Survival Cordage Lore & Hunter Tipping Lore.
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  • Tale
    started a topic Major Updates

    Major Updates

    Outdoors & Hunting Update

    Skill Changes
    • Outdoor Basics has been more appropriately renamed: Outdoor Survival
    • Hunting Lore has been simply renamed: Hunting
    • Missile Weapons-Bows has been simply renamed Archery.
    • Craft Basic Bone Knife has been simply renamed: Craft Basic Knife
    • Animal “Lore” skill have been renamed animal “Hunting” skills. So Deer Lore has become Deer Hunting, Rabbit Lore has become Rabbit Hunting, etc.
    • Craft Basic Knife can now produce stone knives if crafted with the appropriate stones (they can be found with Survival Foraging).
    • Craft Basic Knife now requires a whetstone instead of a knife to be in-hand . "Natural" whetstones (rough/gritty stones) can also be found with Survival foraging. It will also now negatively affect the final appearance (but not quality) unless some cordage is present in the area when you craft a basic knife.
    • Any ranks you had in the [b]Collect Twigs[b] skill for Outdoor Survival has been replaced with equal ranks in [b]Survival Foraging[b]. The command for which is: "Find Resource" - You can do so in the swamps, forests, grasslands, mountains, and stream/riverbanks for various tools and crafting materials. (This will include twigs if used in the forest, as it replaces the Collect Twigs skill).
    • Anyone can use the skill Survival Foraging, even without knowing the skill or even knowing Outdoor Survival. "Find Resource" - Without any ranks, you will probably have a 95 success, and rolling over success doesn't guarantee you'll find something (For example - if it decides you'll find a branch, but branches have been depleted in that room for the cycle, it will turn up nothing.), but it's possible for truly hard-pressed hunters to get branches and the like for crafting purposes.
    • "Craft Arrowhead" has been repurposed and renamed "Survival Knapping". To use it you will now need a hammer stone (round rock found via Suvival Foraging) in-hand. "knap <stone|bone> into <spearhead|arrowhead>". Certain stones foraged with Survival Foraging and certain other natural objects can be knapped into arrowheads or spearheads.
    • Stones to craft with (via Survival Knapping and other skills & actions) are now found with the Survival Foraging skill in rocky/mountainous areas, and some river and streambanks.
    • Twigs are now also required to build Lean-To shelters.
    • Cord Snares can now use Cordage to set-up instead of Rope, saving on the total grass requirement. (Rope can also still be used).
    • Cord Snares can now use various objects as stakes to set-up. Branches, torches, leg bones, ribs, and more.
    • Craft Basic Stave can now be used without knowing the skill as a General Skill.
    • Altenes no longer have Altene Ways, or the two skills that come with it. Instead they have been replaced with two Lores (with a GSP refund for each rank beyond rank 1 for those who spent GPS to rank it up at all). Altene Fangstave Lore, and Fangstave Temper Lore.
    • If you know Altene Fangstave Lore, you can use “fang” instead of “stave” when making a quarterstave with Craft Basic Stave skill to produce a fangstave instead of a normal stave. (The command is now: Craft <stave|fang|quarterstave|fangstave> <with|from> sapling).
    • Altene natives receive a bonus to the action Craft Basic Stave (enough to overcome the “I don’t have ranks in that skill” penalty, as well as having a bonus to success AND to product quality (of both staves and fangstaves), which carries over if you ever actually do gain ranks in Craft Basic Stave.
    • Tempering a fangstave works the same as it did before with a few exceptions. You must know Fangstave Temper Lore in order to use the skill. Lowering your Success (Altene nationals start with the equivalent of rank 1) is determined by ranks in Craft Basic Stave, if you ever gain ranks in it. High ranks also convey additional benefits to the tempering process to the fangstave you are tempering.
    • Altene Fangstave Lore & Fangstave Temper Lore cannot be taught or learned, and only Altenes have it naturally, as it replaces a national bonus during Character Generation.

    New Skills & Lores
    • There is a new skill for Hunting – Ursine Hunting. It functions exactly like Deer Hunting, Boar Hunting, etc, but works for Bears.
    • There is a new skill for Hunting – Goat Hunting. It functions exactly like Gamebird Hunting, Rabbit Hunting, etc, but works for Goats, Rams, Ewes, etc.
    • There is a new skill for Outdoor Survival – Craft Fishing Pole. It requires a knife in-hand. "Craft pole (from|with) <sapling>" with a sapling, some cordage (Made with Wilderness Cordage Lore + Survival Rope Making), as well as suitable hook present (can be found with Survival Foraging, and elsewhere in nature).
    • There is a new skill for Outdoor Survival - Survival Weaving. "Sweave <reeds|grass|twigs> into <Thing>" your ranks and the material used (Twigs, grass, and reeds) determine what items (Thing) you can attempt to weave. Simply attempt to weave your material into something to be given a list of what you can weave at the moment. More ranks open up more options to weave things into up to rank 100.
    • There is a new skill for Hunting - Craft Bone Axe. It requires a knife in-hand if you use a branch as the haft, but instead will require a whetstone if you use a leg bone as a haft. "Craft axe (from|with) <leg bone or branch>". Have cordage & a jawbone present, as well.
    • Krimalus teaches the lore Survival Cordage Lore. Use described in the Action & Command Updates” section below.
    • Krimalus teaches the lore Hunter Tipping Lore. Use described in the Action & Command Updates” section below.
    • There is a new skill for Outdoor Survival – Whittling. “Whittle <material> into <thing>” – You’ll start with Branches, but if you choose to rank the skill high enough, you’ll open up more options for branches, but also open access to ribs, leg bones, and more are possible whittling materials. Simply attempt to whittle your material into something to be given a list of what you can whittle at your current rank. Options keep opening up all the way to rank 100.

    Item Updates
    • Claws from large predators (or claws from creatures who have disproportionately large claws for their smaller body types) now auto-group with their mates, and need to be split instead of ungrouped. So raven claws auto-group with raven claws, lion claws auto-group with lion claws, etc.
    • The above-mentioned claws (and other appropriate natural objects) can now be used to turn player-crafted clubs into spiked clubs. Use the "fasten <object> to <club>" command with a club & appropriate objects to spike it. (This cannot be undone). This turns the club into a "spiked" club that does piercing damage instead of bludgeoning damage. You'll need to have a certain level of knowledge in club crafting AND general club mechanics to do so, OR know the new lore: Hunter Tipping Lore.
    • Player-Woven baskets (Produced via Survival Weaving) can be held while gathering grass to be auto-collected.
    • Player-Woven baskets (Produced via Survival Weaving) can be placed on the ground while fishing to auto-collect the fish you catch.
    • Certain creatures (like sea snakes, sloani, etc) have “large fangs” instead of just “fangs” like smaller serpents and other critters have. Each can be used in different crafting situations, depending on the size of the fang.
    • Saplings can now be found in various wood types. (These are compatible with all weapon crafting skills that require a sapling for materials)
    • Branches can now be found in various wood types. (These are compatible with all weapon crafting skills that require a branch for materials)
    • Branches for Crafting and and Firewood are now separate entities. Firewood is no longer “some dry branches”. They have been changed to “some dry deadwood”. Branches for crafting are now seen as “a <substance> branch”.
    • Branches for Crafting are now found via the skill Survival Foraging (in forested areas of course). They come in various wood-types. The substance for which is transferred to weapons crafted with them. A walnut branch could be used to make “A finely-crafted black walnut club,” for example.
    • Soap Roots are a new forgeable item (Soil Foraging) that grow in forests near Blackvine and Rock Valley.
    • Saplings & Branches for crafting are a limited commodity. They re-grow over time, but there will be a maximum you can find in any one square before the re-grow period. The trade-off being we have several hundred rooms with which to find each, and they all spawn with real, dynamic wood types and not just pine.
    • Corpses now take up space according to their weight. Which means smaller corpses can now fit in some containers.
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