SkotOS Downtown: Wednesday, 11am-1pm PT

I am scheduling a downtime for all SkotOS machines from 11am-1pm PT on Wednesday.
  • Marrach will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Lazarus (and Lovecraft) will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Ironclaw will (hopefully) be going down to tune its performance
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Superlatives - 2018

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    Originally posted by Travius View Post
    Most unlikely newer couple: Lago/Astyr


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      One-handed swords: dunno
      Nelsor: Chrollo
      Avros: Kered
      Pardelian: dunno
      Spears: Brudox
      Staves: Syden
      Archery: Parigrum
      Knives: Ciaran
      CKF: dunno
      Clubs: Brogenex
      Axes: Vierra
      Two-handed axes: Gydon
      Tridents: Danasei
      Whips: Irisa
      Cestus: Kierstaad
      Brawling: Ophelea
      Pankration: Ophelea
      Combat maneuvers: dunno
      Shields: Elowynn

      Hunting: Evagrius
      Outdoor basics: Evagrius
      Locksmithing: Ulath
      Healing: Neithan
      Tailoring: Nyphistra

      Most mysterious: Kierstaad
      Most flirtatious: Adiena
      Most admired: Elowynn
      Most intimidating: Elowynn
      Most funny: Lago
      Most likely to be found unconscious: Calvisio
      Most dramatic: dunno
      Most consistently RPed: Rethanor
      Most fashionable: Nyphistra
      Most likely to be the best (new character upstart) - combatant - Alliser
      Most likely to be the best (new character upstart) - non-combatant - Isizi/Tressa
      Best legionary: Elowynn
      Best constable: Nerwintok
      Best gladiator: Kierstaad
      Best character quirk: Avay's shyness
      Oddest character quirk: Neithan's Neithaning
      Hottest woman: Vierra
      Hottest man: dunno
      Deadliest older couple: Hizerimus and Ophelea
      Deadliest newer couple: dunno
      Cutest newer couple: Nyphistra and Valintrad
      Cutest older couple: dunno
      Most unlikely newer couple: dunno
      Most unlikely older couple: dunno
      Best name: Rethanor
      Favorite recently returned character: Banic