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  • Cestus

    I can't see the image of one in my head.

    I'm confused between bronze knuckles, and a porcupine stuck on someones right arm.

    Anyone got a picture of what it would look like worn? Or just what it would look like?


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    The Eternal City: Screenshots


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      My guess would be kinda like a Wolverine claw, except not as long.
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      • #4*/Cestus.html
        Least likely to train: Govan.. actually, I should say her player. Accompanied an alt of hers training once and after she had spent fifteen minutes deciding on the wardrobe, we got all of two minutes in before she was bored.


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          Yeah, I did a search too, and I came up with the first link...I've seen the second somewhere (Annatar's page?)...

          No disrespect, but those are both kinda of lame looking. I imagine them looking much meaner.


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            The ones in Diablo2 are interesting. They're quite fun to play with (I love the assassin ).
            Least likely to train: Govan.. actually, I should say her player. Accompanied an alt of hers training once and after she had spent fifteen minutes deciding on the wardrobe, we got all of two minutes in before she was bored.


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              Remember the first Conan the Barbarian? Where little Conan Schwarzenegger is being taught some life lessons in that pit? If I recall, and I'm not sure I do, he ends up with a pair of metal somethings that fit around his hands and forearms. A blade comes off the top, from the same place as Wolverine's claws. What is that if not a cestus?

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                i cant remember which Street Fighter game it was, but one of the characters (Birdie i think)uses one it's just like a glove with spikes sticking from it... kinda like the 2nd link except with spikes instead of studs


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                  the street fighter II character is Vega...

                  but I think Meth's "Shredder" is way better. Now all we need is rocksteady and beebob, oh and a few turtles
                  [Difficulty: 45 , Roll: 100]
                  In an impressive show of strength, you wrench away your iron cestus from a man in a hooded cloak and send his razor-sharp iron scylesca with an engraved handle flying!
                  You are no longer busy.

                  You take a razor-sharp iron scylesca with an engraved handle.
                  You put a razor-sharp iron scylesca with an engraved handle in a black doeskin large sack.


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                    *Is the most electrifying Gladiator in blood sports entertainment history*


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                      heh i forgot about Vega... but yeah him too, Birdie(if thats his name) had a better looking one


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                        Yes I imagine TEC cestii looking like what Shredder used to wear.

                        Historically the most common 'cestus' i've heard of was the banded strips of cow hide that they show in the first link Govan posted. They were supposed to be really mean. They held the fist closed tighter and anyone who fights knows the advantage of that. In addition as you started to strike your opponent the hide would cut into his flesh leaving bad wounds. Picture two warriors going at it that way until someone falls unconscious. While blades may seem more exciting the ones show on those links certainly wouldn't be a pleasure to be hit with either. Besides, in the ancient Greek fighting tournaments (where I believe they originated) the object wasn't exactly to kill your opponent although if you did and were within the rules you still won. Kind of hard to swallow that death wasn't necessarily victory with some of the rules they laid down and equipment they used.

                        Oh, since its a related subject and i'm bored i'll say this too. Maybe someone will find a way to apply it IG. In unarmed Greek combat when a match had been going on too long and there was no clear victor the judges would stop the match then instruct the warriors to trade undefended blows. The man who fell first was then declared the winner. Maybe it could be a interesting way to put an end to those long, boring gladiator bouts that a few of your were complaining about. There was one instance where a man supposedly struck his opponent during one of these, with all five fingers. The strike disembowled his opponent but the man was disqualified because the judges ruled he had struck five times (one strike per finger) instead of just one. Just thought you might be interested in that. Whether or not it is completely true I don't know, but I would guess it has at least some basis.

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                          The picture on the bottom of Govan's first link seems to be the most accurate to one of TEC's cesti.

                          The thick band around the fist would be what the spikes are attached to. TEC's cesti have a wide iron band reinforcing that spot. The spikes are four to six inches long (anything longer would be unwieldy) and are forged directly onto that band.

                          Hold your hand in a fist. The main striking area is the set of knucles closest to the back of the hand. The iron reinforcing loop narros and is clenched between your fists, and the spikes protrude from that main striking area.


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                            So you don't really punch the guy with a Cestus, you let you're fist go past and the blades slash the other guy up. Looks like the only real effective thing to do is to backhand you're opponent to death. So why doesn't it look too effective hitting annother person?


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                              If someone is actually dumb enough to pick up the cestus, then let them figure it out


                              Honestly I don't know. I just think of them as a primitive version of brass knuckles.
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