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  • First experiences

    With the influx of new players from Skotos, I wondered if people could share some of their first experiences playing TEC. for example:

    On my first night I made a thief character (I didn't think she would actually had to steal...I thought it was totally a background thing...I had played MERP and D&D and video game rpgs but never a MUD). She was given some supplies by a kindly character and told to never admit she was a thief. I then spent an hour walking from Pheadro to the flower garden and learning how to move. Then it was time for me to go to the sewers (thought killing rats was the only way to make money) with my knife and just my tunic and breeches as skill . It was also time for me to use my first luck! I didn't die, but I did kill that rat. So after hunting a bit with some people who actually knew their weapon I got lost in the portal for about a half an hour. Some how I got out without meeting my demise and I found a page in the link section on how to steal if you are a thief. So I spotted a servant and I advanced on her...problem was it was right in from of The Toga and about 3 players and a constable...Lucky thing I didn't grab anything. I was warned by the constable and was on my way. While feeling my way around I found the auxilli hut and all the pretty brown and dark blue tunics (this was before the junk dealer). I thought I had hit paydirt...they must be worth something. For a few weeks my first character carried around 5 tunics.

    None of my first characters are around...they outlived the recreational purpose I created them for, but thinking back on them I feel a little more compassionate to newcomers and less wrapped up in my current characters little worlds. Even the most selfish of my characters will help out a new face once in a while because I remember how it was when I was totally clueless.

    just slightly not clueless

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    I came into the game thinkin' "Robin Hood".. , so I created a bashful Outdoorsman who spent about five hours tryin' to find a forest, only to get there and realize it was overrun with bandits and I wasn't as superhuman as I'd hoped...

    Then I managed to luck onto the North forest and spent three nights gathering twigs and making torches thinking, is this what text games are about? I was much to shy about using the think command, if only because I was daunted with the manner that incorrectly worded thoughts were flamed.

    I guess it was lucky he found the swamps and a sinking death, or I would never have created my current incarnation and enjoyed the new experience so much.


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      The things I remember most vividly about my first days, are the impressions I got from heading into the sewers.

      The first time I went in there, I didn't use a torch (didn't really know lighting would play a part in a textgame ).
      I went down, and a rat appeared out of nowhere, it started approaching me and I(me, the player and my char started to panick. Luckily I'd read Vino's site before and knew how to retreat and a few commands like that, but I never even thought of attacking it myself, the only thing I could think about was getting out of there as quickly as possible. I ran as fast as I could and got out safely and went back to the Toga, totally bewildered about what had happened. *chuckles*

      The second time I went in there, I went with a friend, she was someone who knew her way around already and had thought me how to handle shopkeepers, the clerk, stuff like that..
      Now in the sewers she told me she wanted to show me something. After a walk that seemed to take forever she stopped at a part of the sewers that had a man named Feysal standing there. I nodded in his direction, and after my friend told me to look at him, I was perplexed.
      I sat behind my comp with my jaw dropped and my heart skipped a beat *grins* , when I first read that discription it scared the hell out of me..

      Anyways, everytime I went somewhere new to hunt , the first time I went in the area I really felt like being there but after going to a hunting area for a while , I don't feel anything exciting anymore about going there.

      The sewers felt claustrophobic to me, like I couldn't stand up straight.
      The Monlon mines felt damp and everytime I said something , I thought it was going to be echoed back.
      The portal lands , I hated that place the first times I went in there, it made me shiver.

      Only on special events (battles, Colosseum fights) I(me, the player that is feel like I used to when I first came in the game.

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        Ahhh....such fond memories I think back to when I stumbled upon TEC...just randomly...I don't really remember what site I saw it on or anything...I do remember that I read just about everything on every site before I even made a character. I never really felt like I didn't understand what was going on, I was just terribly overwhelmed with information. I did get completely lost once I got my first character into the game...wandered around the forum for ever...then somehow ended up in the grasslands northwest of the Vetallun Road mark...spent about a week just walking around in the grasslands...exploring the woods and villas and all. I didn't use Think for the first three months, except on rare occasions.

        I did wander in the sewers a few times, actually killed a few ratties and osecars I think...almost died in the lost in the Vale...explored every inch of Iridine (the city itself) and Monlon and Vetallun...

        All in all I kept to myself and kept piles of print outs from various websites beside me until I felt like I could realistically manage my characters in the world of Midlight. Then I started meeting people...thinking...chatting in the WA...posting in the forums...and now, even though my characters still have a fairly close and small circle of friends, I feel like I'm really a part of The Eternal City...hopefully that is a good thing

        I too carried around a ton of tunics. I was also really envious of all the people who had their names on their sacks...I thought it was some kind of status a custom item Oh those were the days *sighs fondly* hehe

        Just a word of thanks to all those who've created and maintained the websites...without you guys...we'd all be lost...literally *would still be wandering in the grasslands* Keep up the good work

        Celtor, the "has it only been 6 months? feels like eternity, but in a good way" tec addict

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          First day was....interesting.
          Being the anti-social person I am, when I first logged in, I questioned Phaedro about one or 2 things, then promply left the Toga and wandered aimlessly. After a while of walking, found myself in the dumps....which I had thought to be a newbie hunting ground cause of how easily I was dodging the rats. :P (a friend later yelled at me on AIM cause he said I wasn't supposed to be able to hunt there )
          Killed my first rat, cheered over think, then left them and wandered the grasslands aimlessly for quite a while, beat on a houndsnake a bit, tried climbing a hill....fell, and broke my leg (luckily I knew how to limp with my staff) Sooo....I limped to Vetallun and got Fiona to fix me up (after even more wandering to find her, and a few questions over think).

          At which point, it was really late, so I slept. (had been playing a lot longer then it sounds, just summarized a 'lot')

          2nd day started out even better, leg had healed later in the day (after limping around Iridine in the dark for a while looking for the baths, finally some kind soul escorted me to em.).....walked into the grasslands again, and lo and behold, what do I find, I neat little cave in the forest! I explore, fall into a hole, break a leg....try climbing out, break it again, and again, gave up after about 6-7 tries, layed for a bit, and finally got up the nerve to think for help. Luckily some kind hearted healer came to my rescue, all said and done, I was left limping around for the next 2 RL days I damaged myself so bad. :P (and was too hurt to use the walk to command without falling)

          After I was finally healed yet again, thats when I started my trek to all corners of the republic. Exploring new areas, seeing new things...finding new ways to hurt myself.
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            TEC was my first ever online interactive game that wasn't a FPS. (came over from playing Tribes.)

            I'd heard in a chat discussion about MUDS and thought "I miss Pen and paper RPG, so why not?" I did a search and was intrigued with the description for TEC. With visions of Toga's everywhere in my imagination, and incredible architecture to boot, I logged in. I arrived in the Welcome Area where Minuet and Talorium sat whispering back and forth. I looked at the links and logged out, and went through the help link and began reading. I never left the Main site. I figured if anyone would know, it would be on the Main site and there I stayed for about 2 hours. Skimming, reading and printing out that command list.

            I logged back in and Minuet and Talorium were still there. They smiled at me. Then they started telling me how to edit my WA persona, whisper back to them, talk to them as individuals. They watched me practice emoting, laughing and smiling at people and answered my questions. They emphasized to me not to be ooc at all ingame, and only in emergencies ----to whisper in brackets my questions.

            Then they sent me to create my first character and before I knew it, I was standing by Phaedro, watching people pour out of a door and beat some hapless soul to death. ( I later came to understand she was a thief) Then they all took turns looking at me and I thought, "I'm not saying a thing. These are not people to ask questions from" I began to just move around and ended up (forever looking at every description and choosing a direction) passing some woods. I looked at every square and it seemed that the road was gone and the river bank was littered with spears and bows every step of the way. I followed the river.

            Somehow I ended up in Vetallun baths, I bought soap and a towel (that I couldn't pick up because I was trying to pick up the towel rack, but I didn't know it) Frustrated, I stepped outside to total darkness.(Sunset graphics weren't in place yet) And when I went back in through a door..I was in the Dark Horse instead. I gave up and slept her. I never used think.

            I created a second character and asked some questions and discovered that if you couldn't pick up the first item, take the second one. I deleted Arhienna and made Melodius Peace. Healer. This time I ventured into the Toga right off, and was helped by Corvus and Phantom. After a few days of their help, I learned about the "Walk to" commands and suddenly had the freedom to get to places. I passed Dahkneth trying to heal him at least three times because I didn't know how to STOP on Vet road. After making accidental dicoveries like how you really shouldn't look at people over and over again, (Mordheim had scared me to death by coming right back in to ask if he could help me because I had looked at him, then turned around and bought a lantern for me a minute later) to how approaching people could get them upset, I created a third character.

            Feeling confidant, I created Falinia, A locksmith. I paid attention to those sidebar tips, and found my way to Apula's shop. From that moment on, Wilhelm and Joreick took Fali under their wings along with Motolov. Wilhelm (GamerD) became her gramps, Joreick her brother ( by adoption of course) and the rest I'll submit to the stories section. (whew!) I thought it was hard because it was my first MUD but I was determined to make the best of it and cautiously learn all I could. Considering the success of Falinia's life, I guess I caught on ok
            Originally posted by Max Powers
            There are a lot of options out there outside of screwing with rank bonus to accomplish balance. I am more worried about people getting bored of the game because there are zero roleplay goals to be had which leaves mechanical goals, and those are effectively being capped.


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              First time...oh man.

              Well, I was one of those souls that discovered TEC when it was mentioned in PC Gamer the first time about 2 1/2 years ago. I had done RP chat rooms and such on Yahoo and such, so I thought 'that might be fun' and decided to give it a try. At the time I didn't have my own computer (at least not a net capable one) and so I had borrowed computer time from a friend of my mother's under the condition that I fix her machine occasionally. The first night I didn't even try to log on, I just printed off all the command lists and instructions and etc and took them home and read them in preperation for the next time I got to borrow the comp.

              Anyway, I made my first character, which was the first incarnation of Vladmir (I went through three since I liked the name but wanted to make sure what the game was all about before I made the REAL Vladmir). I logged in and promptly thought I'd been robbed since I closed my sack and all the things that'd been in it weren't shown on my inventory anymore. Then I got lost in the Collosseum. After a while I figured out how to get around without getting hopelessly lost and such, and even made my first experimental foray into the sewers. But, by that time I was dissatisfied with using a sword and deleted that character. Made another Vlad, a spearman...didn't like that either. Finally I decided on Outdoor Basics, and the REAL Vladmir was born. Thinking the additional skills I kept getting were random I considered myself lucky that I got a stave skill to go along with my wood lore. My original plan was to buy spears later, when I figured out how.

              None of this, however, is what I consider my first night in Iridine. What I think of as my first night was when, having finally wrought the Vlad I wanted, I had my first six hour session with TEC. During the course of the night I made a sackload of torches, was attacked by bandits, met Shade briefly, killed a rat with my stave, thought I was rich when I found three unskinned osecar corpses someone had left, and generally had more fun than I EVER had in a Yahoo RP chatroom. That was the night my addiction was born.
              Originally posted by Mast3rmind
              Celtor and Vladmir combined are like the Legion of Doom. Or maybe the wondertwins, although I'd be worried if Celtor was as furry as Vladmir. *nods sagely*
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                Well, this is going back a while...
                My first character was a locksmith... I'd watched my brother playing for about a month before me and eventually decided to give it a red-hot go. I reckon he'll be cursing that decision because now I play MUCH more than him. Someone helped me out and took me to Apula's and I recalled lock, and got bored. THEN, I got a coffer, and after unlocking it, couldn't figure out why the citizen wouldn't take it (I didn't know: offer cof to 7 cit) I though a citizen was a citizen. Someone helped me there, and after a while I decided I'd given it a go, and I'd move on. I made Laverous, a healer, and rescued my first KO patient that day which I quite liked. I spent quite a while separating all of my bandages so I could hold them in my hand when I tried to bandage and worked out afterwards that you don't have to have bandages inhand to bandage. I picked it up pretty well after that and while I was only a healer, just got bored a bit waiting for a patient and sometimes going down to the sewers and going at the rats with my scissors.

                Anyway, I kind of miss the new feeling that it all had, and the skinning of everything to make a denar or two, and especially feeling rich with 100d.
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                  I do remember

                  I'm computer phobic. A friend set up my account, printed off all the forums,printed the commands list. Told me the basic commands...(', ", : ) I promptly highlighted those knowing right well that nonr of the commands would make any sense to me since they were just a list of words that didn't always do what i thought.

                  I crawled stupidly through that incarnation of chargen and made Shade.

                  My first day I arrived stark naked outside a farmhouse on an island. Someone got an experienced player to come help me.

                  Dytan said, "You might want to put your clothes on."

                  I said, "What clothes?"

                  Dytan got me dressed, gave me a cineran dirk and helped me fight my very first Cineran soldier. A hero... maddening, annoying and heartbreaking... was born.

                  Oh yes. I remember.

                  Since then, I've laughed so loud all my roommates have had to come see.

                  I've gotten mail addressed to Shade and the mailman says, "You all do have some curious friends"

                  My roommates have called me to the phone saying, "It's for Shade."

                  But I can quit any time. Yessirree!

                  It was a long time ago.

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                    The aesthetic ramblings of a postmodern adict

                    My first day in TEC, wow that was awhile ago. Like most people I read all the help files first, so I at least knew how to create a character. I did so, and logged into the world, but it was soooooo big. I wasn't used to having all these areas to move to, and got lost really fast. Eventually I ended up somehow helping 2 other characters attack some evil hooded man, but my character got beat up pretty bad, so I logged out and left the game. I was massivly confused and lost (The days before Pepa, or Vino), thats when I created Annatar(though under his original name). I got lost again with Annatar, this time in the Alleys, and got knocked unconscious by a brute, this is when I met my first friend in TEC, the big and at the time, dumb Ox, who rescued my character, and showed me around the game. If it wasn't for Ox, I probably wouldn't still be here today, so you can go blame him


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                      Those were the days...

                      I remeber the first day I played tec I went to the dumps. And got almost killed cause I didn't know what I was doing. Hehe


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                        My first day was only a week ago.

                        I got helped out by Laverous, who took me to kill some rats in the sewers. I think he felt sorry for the big dumb caveman.

                        After some interesting ratsmashing, and some advice on where to bank and sell gems and stuff, Thugga went to the baths. There he met some people crying over the death of their brother. Thugga didn't understand why they were crying at first, and certainly didn't know the guy, but they were so sad he cried along with them, and wailed his grief at everyone who went in the baths. He even cheered them up with his clumsiness and made a couple friends (like his "duckbrother").

                        Good things were helpful characters who showed him around, and learning combat and training quickly. Bad things were freaking out from the lack of OOC (I didn't know how to ask for help on commands and that will always be hard on new people) and Think spammed so much I had to turn it off.

                        TEC has been fun, a second home from Marrach.
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                          My first one... Oh, how I remember it.

                          My friend, Morgana (some of you older folks may remember) introudced me to the game. She was a friend of Cherry (you older ones probably remember her too ). Anyway, the first day, Morgana took me to Josephus and got me leggings for Messenius. After that, Morgana and I hit the dumps for rat and hound hunting. It was fun.

                          After a while, Morgana took me to the toga to socialize. I remember Sirrius very clearly, cuz I wanted to talk to him. Well, I thought I'd approach him to talk to him. I smiled while I approached, but the next thing I knew, everyone was drawing their weapons around me and telling to back off before I get swatted to hell. I think I was sweating near bullets at that point; I freaked out and logged out of the game.

                          I didn't play again until a couple months later when Morgana's player IMed me asking me if I wanted to play. Since that time she IMed me, I've been addicted to TEC.

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                            Ahh.. I'd tell you all about my first day in Iridine, but its so embarassing so lets skip some of the details.. *coughs*

                            (I love this thread by the way)

                            At the time I was playing a different a game, and a wonderful friend from AOL showed me TEC on Christmas Eve because we were both bored with family dinners and were messing around online.

                            The first day wasn't very exciting for me. I was confused, and nobody helped me for a long long time until Seraph showed me around a bit, then sometime later, Brutaes toured me around Iridine.

                            Around a day or so later, TEC was down and I was forced to read help files and Vinos' site to entertain myself (I'm a bad girl, I should have read those first.) I ended up printing most of Vino's site out, as well as the command list.

                            A couple days later, I woke up in the beginning of an event - I heard some poor guy named Macova needed some help with something or other -- and hey, I was helped by Seraph so I thought it'd be a nice thing to do to head over to this "Hospice" place and help this Macova fellow out. Turns out there were masses and masses of people to help this old man out, and someone let me join them up in some wild goose chase around in the forest.


                            Like I coulda helped. -snort-.

                            I got ditched. And lost. And I fell down into that damn pit.

                            Some nice fellows helped my girl out of the pit, but she had broken legs and couldnt even stand to use a crutch. (Or maybe I didn't know how.) A nice fellow .. a spearsman who would write his messages in the dirt with the tip of his spear.. I forget his name... picked my girl up and carried her to Hospice.

                            Kaylarae arrived in Iridine 2 weeks later, once I'd figured out the game.. Thank you anonymous-spearsman, Seraph and Brutaes for helping me in TEC during my first weeks. Even though I had read Vino's site, I never understood the "walk to" command, so to this day, Kay tends to manually walk places and gets lost periodically just because thats how I like to do it.
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                            And no, those are not Ravanite rabbits.


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                              Well my first experience was fun. My friend told me about TEC when he saw it in PC Gamer. He guided me around in the game at first when he walked the sewers really fast, I tried to read everything but I couldn't. Anyways I really didn't interact with society really until that one day....

                              I forget exactly what I was fighting but all I remember was being knocked out. I was terrified because I was going to lose my practiced swordsman which I thought would be a huge loss . Anyways while I was scared of what could happen out came a huge man to drag my sorry butt to the bestest healer EVER. Well actually Ox just dropped me off at the hospice and Roe was the first person to heal any of my characters. Anyways all I have to say is HOORAY FOR ROE!
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