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How would you end the story of your character?

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  • How would you end the story of your character?

    Since so many players are leaving TEC, and taking their characters away from Iridine in one way or another, I've been curious about what the general opinion about story-endings are.

    How do you want your character to be remembered?

    For what?

    For the noble deeds? For the exciting adventures? For a fascinating personality? (For breathtaking emoting skills?)

    For being the one player to always help a newling? For commanding battles well and wisely? For a mysterious, untouchable and intruiging background in life? For serving wounded with the life-saving skills of a battle-field healer?

    We'll all have to go sometime. I just want to know how you guys plan to do it.
    Tragic death
    Heroic/Sacrificial death
    Return to the homeland
    Journey on a mission
    Other. (please specify)
    Originally posted by Japes
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    If I ever am forced to leave TEC, Andrew will die the most stupid and memorable death of anyone who ever played. Not sure exactly what he'd do, though. Probably attack attack a consul with an ale mug.



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      Well, I believe the best way to go is loud and noble. Running from Iridine to Vetallun to save someone from the quicksand, then slowly sinking to ones own death comes to mind- Athos

      I believe that dying in such a way as to leave some intrigue, quietly, away from the crowds, and leave the being remembered to those who knew you. Such as being found dead in a cavern, covered in spider webs- Porthos

      I believe tis best to go in battle, struggling, straining, bleeding, dying, yet still standing in against all that surround you. Such as standing there almost naked against 3 osecars, with almost no life left just to see if you are the victor- Talorium

      I believe that death should reflect life. That should you die, you die in the way you lived. Battle, honor, loyalty, and friendships. Such as rushing to the ravines to help fellow MVG knowing you cannot win, but feeling that you cannot live knowing you did not help- Riellius


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        Umm..I had to vote for Falinia. Tragic death.

        Tovania? She'll be whisked away by Ereal for a reconciliation dinner *eyeshift* j/k

        My others...? Wait and see
        Originally posted by Max Powers
        There are a lot of options out there outside of screwing with rank bonus to accomplish balance. I am more worried about people getting bored of the game because there are zero roleplay goals to be had which leaves mechanical goals, and those are effectively being capped.


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          I voted other, I'd like Drexus to die a Dramatic death upon the sands of the Arena.

          Him fighting Eric the lion, making that horribly mistaken tumble lunge, that had him falling onto Eric's cestus

          [begin edit]

          Now for the longer, better, version

          Drexus would be pitted against a gladiator of the same skill level. One of the Harytheans .

          Struggeling blow for blow they'd be caught in near deadlock. Midway through the fight a giant flash would happen, the Harythean's cestus would gouge deep into Drexus's mid-section. Drexus would put it off as a flesh wound as normal braggary demands, wiping a bit of blood from his mouth. Then he'd suddenly gain the upperhand knocking the Harythean out cold. He'd stand up to the audience and all.

          The announcer would come down to present Drexus with the now more common laurel wreath, and as he began to kneel Drexus would simply tip over, his hand falling from his waist revealing a horrid wound, blood staining all the sand around him. Healers would quickly come to check him out, rolling him over, the blood flowing ever quicker now. Coughs of blood, and the lights would fade slowly out.

          He dies.

          And I have 3000 RP, If I wanted I could get it workin'
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            Hmm... I might be giving myself away.

            If I were to stop playing and my character were to leave Iridine, I would have him return home to his family. Easy as pie. <shrugs>
            - David
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              Use his saved up talents to buy a fast, battle-worthy vessel and take up a life of privateering and adventure on the open sea.

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              Celtor and Vladmir combined are like the Legion of Doom. Or maybe the wondertwins, although I'd be worried if Celtor was as furry as Vladmir. *nods sagely*
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                To go out with Style...

                I see myself raising my arms into the air as a beam of heavenly light shines on me and lifts him upwards into the watchful gaze of Ereal *eyeshift*...

                Alright... as for something more attainable... I'd probably do some sort of 'final concert' and then recluse to a time of exploration and meditation in a deep and far away temple or working in another land filled with new experiences

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                  My characters entire motivation IG is to get out of it as such, to own a small hut near a river that is entirely his with no taxes, and then fish all day and watch the stars at night.


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                    How about getting locked in a room and starving to death?

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                      Finding retribution

                      I guess it would be a heroic/travelling thing for my character. He would have to go back to his homeland to avenge the deaths of his father and mother. Though if I ever did have to leave TEC it would be much more interesting if I could work it into an event. The individual that murdered them did so to take my fathers place as Lieutenant commander of the White Sharks. If he traveled to Iridine sometime I could find retribution for what he did. Course I never plan on leaving..*eyeshift* That kind of event would work fine none the less.
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                        Battle Gloriously!!!

                        Not like I'm plannin' on cashin my ticket any time soon, but I expect Puni will go out trying to help one of his friends out of a jam. Friendship is all important, moreso even than family (you don't get to pick your family). In the end, it is your friends that really know you and will remember your deeds. Remember the good-natured drunken gladsman, the flirt, the hopless romantic, the amateur comedian.

                        Just like Kay said above, I'd rather rush into certain death to assist a friend than live knowing I didn't.
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                          Eb'd probably go home. My other character would probably defect and join the enemy ;p


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                            I have no doubt that Elenka would kill herself. She's been suicidal from the beginning.
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                              Don't tell anyone.

                              Okay.... this is going to give a bit of Jen's (secret ) Past away but not much. Well Jen would say goodbye to all her friends and a tear-filled goodbye to her fiancee. (soon to be husband.) (This will NOT happen!!! Just telling you what would happen. ) She would go on a journey to find her long-lost sister, June. Hmmm.... not really much of a story but that's what she'd do.... kinda hard to imagine Jen as a traveler.
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