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  • I remember...

    ...the days when the sewers weren't a threat.

    What do you remember?

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    ...when everyone knew everyone.

    ...when everyone played in the Vale.

    ...when life was simple.

    ...the ladder to Monlon. first day and thinking the woven basket of fruit that I found was the greatest thing in the world.

    ...looking forward to obtaining the small things in life like a simple 80 denar sagum.


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      Since when were the sewers a threat?


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        Originally posted by Coolo
        Since when were the sewers a threat?
        For far too long.

        ...when getting a talent was a real accomplishment.


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          The sewers have never been a threat to me.
          And yes I remember the days when a talent was an accomplishment. Took me many months to get my first lorica.

          [ps don't assume the date of registration of this forum persona as the date I began TEC]


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            I remember being byond jealous of my friend, and thinking he was so freaking rich becuase he had a cavalry spear and a lorica.
            "... Burn it to the ground."


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              ...the first time I ever strangled another character to death with my whip.

              ...The day I found a sack with 9 talents in it sitting on the vet bank floor.

              ...the day StingLikeaBee's buttprint was coded into the recliner in the WA.

              ...the day i crit-killed a thug with a thrown pouch.

              ...the day I first came to TEC, and thought having a gold cent was the coolest thing in the world, then experienced my first TEC tragady as it was grabbed right out of my hads by a man in a hooded cloak.

              Aw, memories....



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                ...hoods and masks were sold in shops

                ...fighting someone with a lorica was a lost cause

                ...being outstanding in a skill was just that

                ...the dumps were the choice spot for training
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                  ...when 300 d. was a lot.

                  ...when people used narcolepsy as their excuse for falling asleep in the middle of a conversation.

                  ...when I didn't know about using luck! and lost several very good characters.

                  ...when my cousin made a character, Tim, and harassed several people to the point of getting killed..main one was Sith, though, because my main char. was a good friend of his so he decided to see how badly he could annoy him.

                  Good times..
                  Aestas whispers to you, "Or we could tell the story of the arrogant, overbearing, pathetic excuse of a soldier who needs to shut the hell up."
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                    ...When women liked me...o wait...never happened...
                    ...When I critkilled a thug for the first time and I had no more than 30 total staves ranks...
                    ...When pigs flew...
                    ...When I hated training...o wait...don't miss that...
                    ...When people who didn't know me treated me nice... (Everyone who doesn't know me acts like a bitch and ends up with my stave up their ass...almost always newly chars)...
                    ...When I thought I was good because I was 20 basic...
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                      I remember...

                      ...When Parvus was a one man Auxilii

                      ...When one talent seemed like a fortune

                      ...Wondering how I was ever going to find my way around, and then learning the "walk to" command

                      ...Pepa's maps!


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                        ..when I considered the alleys to be sure death-traps.

                        ..when the fields first opened.

                        ..Omni giving me my first pair of boots, ever.

                        ..everywhere in Iridine being new and exciting to me.

                        ..laughing out loud the first time I saw the room description in the garden of the boy peeing into the fountain.

                        ..thinking that every room that had something odd in the description had to hold some huge secret.

                        ..the joy of finding hidden things only findable through 'searching'.

                        ..hearing, while on the way to collect some giant wasp eyes, Dice thinking aloud, "If anyone needs me, I'll be halfway to Margarittaville."

                        ..the excitement that accompanied the release of dogs, and finding the dog seller first. Buying the first dog sold by Canus (for one talent!), then being told to 'shut up' about buying him, because I was lying.

                        ..the first time the auction house was opened, and buying a faceplated helm for 22 talents.


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                          I remember when Solar and Prime used to beat the crap out of newbie looters in the alleys.

                          I remember playing cute little thief girls who got blacklisted by the Guild for teaching slice at ridiculously low prices.

                          I remember when you could whisper the word "sh*t" in the WA without getting fisted.


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                            the ladder, that was great *mutters about ferries*
                            when being a grandmaster made you actually tough
                            when Andrew and Solar weren't asses (I swear they were nice at one time)
                            being rich with 5 talents
                            Ulti being a wuss


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                              Getting lost in the sewers on my first day and deleting that character.

                              Earning my first 50 denar and thinking the character was rich.

                              Taking on two thugs and a brute and surviving with only 15 ranks basic and 1 slash.

                              Learning that game world extended far beyond the dumps. 8)

                              My first bandit hunt which lasted all of several minutes.

                              And the good memories of characters who are long gone now.
                              If you have to swear, you better damn well do it properly.